In the Hispanic Journalists Convention, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said: have to turn off the Spanish television, referring to that Hispanics will not get very far in the United States if they do not learn English. He said it, preventing that he knew he was going to get in trouble for making this statement, what validates the firmness of convictions and honesty that characterize it. Arnold is right in the fact that if one lives in a society where the majority speaks English, by logic better you know the language, otherwise it will multiply the adversities. But make a mistake when you compare: I know that when I came to this country, very rarely I spoke German with someone. No talk with someone, because find Germans or people who know German in the United States, it is not a thing of: all the time; everywhere. But to speak Spanish just approaching any petrol station, entering a store or stop a policeman. German, nor was the language that the European immigrants they preferred to speak when they arrived after the second world war. Also to find Germans and share language and customs, you have to cross an ocean, something completely different to the geographical factor that separates the United States from Latin America.

The EU is not homogeneous in language and habits, like most of Latin America. In Europe, each one proudly speaking their own language, although found in a smaller, adjoining space. There were times that is encouraged to be part of the melting pot American; in Spanish comes to mean: be part of the crucible. The idea has not changed, although it has been distorted by the left-wing American, with its affirmative action positive discrimination – which began to identify blacks as African-Americans, Hispanics or latinos with the cultures of the southern, Oriental and other ethnicities with their ancestors, highlighting their differences rather than their similarities with the Anglo-Saxons, promoting what they called multiculturalism.