What means of transport except railway and bus can we use as individual contribution to climate protection, to protect our health and our budget? What are the possibilities see ourselves to change except the electricity supplier or to use energy-saving lamps? This question now but apparently more and more people, after the greater part of humanity has recognized the context, that the modern lifestyle has helped significantly, permanently harming our planet environmental and climate level. For example, the question for discussion is what vehicle we should prefer to put back our way to work with resource-friendly means of transport. For this reason an increasing number of people choose currently, 50cc cars to motor scooters and scooters instead on less environmentally sensible means of transport such as conventional. Also, more people, more their way on foot or by bicycle and more or less directly their own to cover, consider personal contribution to contribute to the rescue of our home planet. For professional commuters offer itself although the buses and the railway always yet, but delays and crowded trains and buses serve but often more as a stumbling block, as deliberately freely to decide. Also, the rising fares of public transport should provide another reason to consider other alternatives such as E.g. mopeds, motor scooters, scooters, and electric vehicles.

In the evening or at night still is late to a cinema, theatre or Disco visit, would often anyway, no other choice than to opt for an individual to use vehicle. But what considerations are to be made? What motorized alternatives at all? Electric vehicles or petrol vehicles? Moped or scooter? The difference between a moped and a scooter for example is that the moped has a smaller engine and can travel in General also a lower speed. Are such persons – means of transport on top speeds between 30 50km limited.