Magic is made palpable and the Royal Mile is filled with street performances, improvisations, operettas to the street style, everything is possible during those dates and with the always certainty of knowing that on either side of the street is a bar that take a pint to refresh the throat. The bars also have story, so we can choose between the tavern where the Dr. Jekyll began to suffer their first transformations or Boby dog bar, a famous dog in place for having always been to this establishment with its owner and which continued with the habit after his master died. The choice depends on which legend we are interested in more, beers, live music and whisky there is in everyone (pubs close at 3 in the morning) and for those who are more courageous and seek stronger Edinburgh myths the path exists for the buried city. In the 17TH century bubonic plague killed almost half of the population, there was no wood for coffins and opted to raise walls from the alley of Mary King, one of the main focuses.

With part of the buried city the Scottish capital began to rise from their ashes above where many others were abandoned to disease. The traveller can delve into this creepy framework by just about eleven euros (there are discounts for students) while the guide is telling history and legend of an experience that leaves few indifferent (not suitable for easily impressionable or claustrophobic). In Edinburgh is very difficult to separate reality and fiction, history and myth, what they saw and what believed see and is that when you enjoy this suggestive target they will understand because the author Robert Louis Stevenson decided that his best known character was dual. By: Almudena Corral Sonia, Andrea and Almudena, are independent travelers that, before working as writers for HostelBookers toured several continents, discovering the wonders of their towns and villages. During his stay in Edinburgh discovered quality hostels and economic accomodation. Original author and source of the article