Many know him, few practice it, however all benefits. !The proximity to the fountain of youth! Some think the woman is who should be that take care of the skin on your face, but man must also have care for your face. Men and women can contribute to retain youth in their faces by practicing the following secret: facial cleaning clean your skin (in the case of the woman no matter if you are using or not makeup, cleaning is required). Apply a light cleansing cream, according to the needs of your skin: cream if your skin is normal or gel if it is greasy. Remove the cleaning cream with the help of a facial tissue or gauze designed for this purpose. Stir the cream with gentle movements. Broadway has much experience in this field.

Rinse with water, which is your best ally. In addition to refresh yourself, using your hands to rinse completely what remained of the cleaning cream. It tones your face with cotton moistened with a little tonic, to remove any impurities that may remain on the skin. You could amaze with the waste that you could see in the! cotton! If you do not have a tonic, you can use rose water cold (store in refrigerator). Moisturizes, fundamental step. Even if you have oily skin, you apply moisturizer. Choose one that will help you to maintain the natural balance of the skin.

You have the option to include the mask, with appropriate frequency, so apply it after rinsing and before toning. Recalls the cleansing facial into 5 basic steps, like the fingers of your hand: clean, remove, rinse, tone and moisturize. Currently, men can buy easily products for your facial cleansing routine and also for treatments in your personal care. !So guys there is no excuse for not doing so well! The girls, let us not forget our care, our skin will appreciate by more tired we are and in the future will tell was worth it. Original author and source of the article.