A newsletter from a bank could contain a customer’s deposit information and stock quotes. The messages should match to the recipient. Target group-specific contents vary according to age, gender, place of residence click behavior, timeliness, etc., By the way, mails that remind you of appointments, get mostly good. There is osCommerce, who congratulate the birthday or anniversary or the one-year subscription. The contents are selected based on the demographic information that exists about the customer, and built up. It is crucial that all the processes automated can be made. How does to however high personalization with privacy? Personalized emails are created using content from the database.

This personal information can either be collected directly at the receiver or they have been recorded from other databases. In any case, the recipient type and scope of the data stored about him must be informed. Good osCommerce store separately click behavior and personal data. This data may not be merged. The personalization of content is therefore shortly before sending in an automated process.

Personalization in email marketing means creating different content for different individuals or target groups. The Newsletterredakteur selects the content. It is based on the recipient information that is stored in the database. The recipient can also individualise the newsletter, by setting as the rhythm of shipping or topics. Personalization can increase not only the response rates and customer loyalty is strengthened and increased sales. That through customer loyalty more sales can be achieved with the existing customers, makes sense. B2B coach implements programmes to build sustainable customer loyalty and new business in the customer master. On behalf of 21 companies, the Chiemgauer shipped company until today almost 700,000 newsletter. The b2b coach mailings are far above the benchmark. Based on the click-through rates, customer interest is analyzed in detail. So b2b contributes valuable market information to make important decisions coach clients by the product to distribution. b2b coach Silvia Schmid GmbH & co. KG