The previous tariff still 15 cents in all networks and 5 cents of Simyo to Simyo Simyo basic cost the minute. The advantage was the billing cycles 60/1. That is, the full 15 cents was due for a call of less than 60 seconds, a conversation of more than one minute duration has been settled but seconds exactly. So far 10 cents were due for an SMS. The new tariff is settled now with a clocking 60/60, which means that each minute or part thereof must be paid fully.

Also, there is no internal tariff of Simyo to Simyo more according to the price list of the providers, network-internal 9.9 cents per minute or part thereof apply now. Nevertheless, the new Simyo prepaid tariff is worthwhile, if you on the phone not only within the Simyo network. This prepaid tariff with other party does not need to shy away from the comparison. Comparing the Simyo per-minute rate with the other mobile phone tariffs, he is one of the cheapest in the prepaid market. Because of this, it can live well at these prices with the clocking 60/60. Other prepaid providers require also with a 60/60 clock, for example 14 cents per minute (SMS 14 cents / piece). The change of the Simyo Simyo basic tariff is done automatically, that is, who is already a Simyo customer doesn’t need to worry about anything. This fits to the Simyo motto, tariffs with the simplicity gene”to offer. The previous Simyo user you will be pleased, that in the future even more affordable can be on the phone and they sure like to recommend the Simyo flat rate. Simyo premium granted 5 euro for a successful friendship advertising after all. The new customer can easily order his starter package through the Simyo website, the website is customer friendly and easy to use, so that the later administration of one or more Simyo SIM cards for less savvy PC users is no problem.