At present the fairer sex can buy all sorts of jewelry made of gold, silver, precious and semiprecious stones – in India, the cost will be a pleasant surprise. Friends and colleagues can take the figures of elephants from sandalwood or rosewood, a copy of the (smaller, of course) of any architectural structure of copper, brass or bronze. Just find a variety of knives weapons of steel, inlaid with precious stones. The main place where purchased souvenirs – a market. They are usually several in each city, so if you want to save money, do not go to the bazaar. There are usually more expensive in some time – rushing for tourists, you know.

Please note that the market for that market and that it made bargain. A skilled buyer can throw off a half or even two-thirds the initial value of the thing. A few words about the currency. 1 U.S. Details can be found by clicking Restaurateur or emailing the administrator. dollar = 40 Indian rupees. Restrictions on import and export of foreign currency is not, but national – is prohibited. If you are traveling to India, it is better to buy souvenirs during the trip.

Yes, it does not always have the time. And it happens that you remember the many friends, relatives, and gifts for them until the last day of the trip. How to avoid? That’s right, you should think about all the advance. And if “no managed “? India and here you will save: In Delhi, there is a street Janpath, where shops with souvenirs, probably more than the gift itself (I put it figuratively, of course:)) Another feature of India’s – cooking. It seems that the whole country with all streets and many residents smelling spices. You do not understand the spices and do not know how to cook? About seasoning “curry”, I hope you heard? Well, is good:) It is safe to say that spices, you get to the Indian market, do not go to any comparison with the “powder in bags,” which you took (or just noticed) before. The choice of spices – is enormous here, and turmeric, and cardamom, ginger, coriander, nutmeg walnut, chili … But what to say! Total not to list! All condiments – extremely fragrant. Immediately his note: ground spices are kept smaller than the whole. It is better to grind them at home. Dishes with fresh spices are obtained especially fragrant. So, if you want to please the mistress of spices bring her! When choosing gifts, please note that the country is forbidden to export antiques, works of art (if they are over 100 years), animal skins and products them. Sorry if purchased would have to leave at the border … In summary, I would like to reiterate that India – a country poor enough, and therefore prices – relatively low. Indian markets – the main place of purchase items. It can and should haggle. See for yourself: the atmosphere of the eastern “bazaar-shopping” – the unique and charming person. Wishing you a successful and enjoyable selection of gifts finish his story. Continued – write it:) Everyone, it will be awesome and unique, like a fairy India!