Expensive mobile rate outsmarting expensive phone bills must be no reason to the engineer. As the Internet portal tells, using a Smartphone can be saved as the iPhone, Android, or Windows Mobile devices to not completely legal way real money. Many already use the Internet telephony service Skype to communicate to the computer. But Skype also works on your mobile phone. News.de reported the technology editors, the expensive minute rates in the mobile operator can be saved on the phone about the UMTS Internet access. That is worth especially when making calls abroad, because fixed-line and mobile numbers to select Skype in numerous countries.

After the Skype program is installed, you can go. So no rude awakening follows in the next mobile billing, care should be taken, that a data flat rate for mobile phones will be booked in the contract. Especially the mobile phone calls from Skype to Skype worth, since then no further costs are incurred. May be for the calls in the fixed network or calculated on mobile phone fees, these are but usually cheaper than at the mobile operators. The costs are settled via a prepaid model or a bookable monthly package. Within Germany, the Skype with the mobile phone only for those who have no Flatrate, because here are 2 cents per minute due worth.

Phone calls to the mobile network, be selected costs amounting to 23 cents per minute. Skype for international calls is particularly favorable, since almost everywhere in Europe only 2 cents per minute are billed. For 2 cents the minute you can chat with counterparts in Australia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain or the United States. The cost of calls to other countries will vary. Skype offers so-called month packages. 4.54 euros can be on the phone without additional costs within Germany in the fixed network. To 5.69 euros, the package of Europe with 20 countries is available. 10.29 euros are due for the calls to 40 countries worldwide. For more information:… / expensive – mobile rate… Contact: Tilo summer Unister Media barefoot Gasschen 11 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59