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– Its children? – They are busy. Peter is in the assay of the band, George is in the college. They will not notice my delay. – Coat skill does not have problem with cholesterol. – That nothing, it is same hunger. – It would not be better to cross the avenue and to find a bar with coxinhas you fry, bauru done has twelve hours more or less ironizou, smiling. – The potato is cooler it corresponded the good mood. It smiled, while he looked at for the sky, therefore noticed that the sun diminished the emission of rays.

He was happy. Not wise person why, but she felt herself very well. Interesting, therefore it has some minutes was completely irritated and that routine in addition changed the state to it. The small fogareiro incessantly worked in order to dourar potatoes cut in small slices. – It Is almost ready announced. – They are excellent spoke inside looking at bubbling of the fat of the pan.