Why not surprise the change? Simply because they "instinctively" knew they would change at any time. Of course I enjoyed the cheese had found abundant, but they knew that at any moment it would have to stop. So when it happened the other hand, they simply changed with it, without losing sight of what his essential purpose in life: Get your precious cheese. Let us draw our conclusions. This small part of Sniff and Scurry in the fable by Spencer Johnson, has much to teach. First, the cheese is success, that we want most in life: Having a lot of money, ending a career honors, having a happy marriage and family, and more. Each one has its own special cheese that is looking for and that is what should not ever change in us, that is, our goals should be as light they can shed light on the worst darkness. Secondly, Sniff and Scurry cautiously enjoy cheese they've found.

No, not paranoid, rather they are fully aware that the real success is not an eternal thing, but the constant development of our gifts, a daily and thoughtful search. And thirdly, the problem hiperreflexionan not change because they recognize that is a matter of "natural" cheese is finished in some point and that should therefore go out and find more. In analyzing these three short simple conclusions obtained from the two mice, we have no more than look back at our own quest for cheese. How to clear our objectives are? Are we cautious and humbled by the success, or take it for granted? Did we break your head wondering why the misfortunes have befallen us, or we decide it's time to start moving in search of more cheese? But we must understand each one of these questions, perhaps because we remove the erroneous conclusion that we need to start another marriage, having new children, throwing away a lifetime of institutional and professional career, etc., When in fact what need is a change in the way we do things and not a change in the things themselves. Having the wisdom to know when you need a rafter of things and when the change is more of methods (the way we do something), is a challenge, but even then, a response clear and objective of the three questions found in this paragraph it will be a good place to start our new search of delicious cheese. Remember that although the pain and disappointment often accompanies growth, we who decide how to use that experience to make it a step bringing us closer to real success: the continuing development of our goals in life.