The celebration of world tourism day on September 27th is an important date, because it reflects the culmination of all ongoing efforts and achievements in the tourism sector and both the Leisure and business tourism in its most sustainable form can be advertised for us. Also, we see an opportunity in this occasion, the enormous importance of tourism in terms of culture, politics, economy, society and environment to stress. “, described also Stella Ouroumi, Director of international media relations at PRCONNEXION, the importance of the day. The theme of this year’s WTT 2012, which will take place in Maspalomas (Gran Canaria), tourism, and sustainable energy”, shows the need for a sustainable development and we are very proud that the majority of our customers are already actively supports projects or even has launched,” said Christiane Hensel-Gatos. Lufthansa is reflected for example, as regards sustainability as one of the most innovative airlines: is the first airline worldwide, that bio oil 2011 tested in the normal air traffic.

Together with their partners from research and development, Lufthansa is environmentally conscious to and promotes the introduction of alternative fuels in the aviation industry. The subsidiary Germanwings was by the Organization”already with 4 stars for that – compared to class – awarded highest reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. Of Vienna, one of the most beautiful European cities, whose Tourismus represents organization PRCONNEXION, not to mention: The Austrian metropolis was already elected to the world’s most sustainable city, because international standards for a modern waste management are implemented here for many years. In 2010, she received the international award for the first time for that, world city closest to sustainable waste management’, said Stella Ouroumi. Both managing directors of PRCONNEXION are very optimistic that tourism is the way in some of the world’s most innovative, sustainable energy initiatives, such as for example energy efficient upgrades for aircraft, switching to renewable fuels for aviation and the cruise industry, technical solutions for the use of energy in hotels and countless other initiatives providing tourism on front line, a reasonable, sustainable use of energy to implement.”i.A. Sabrina Lieske project manager