Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell have all the freedom to create and still superficially to concur for the Oscar. The knot of the question if of the one in the union, or if to prefer, in the glue of so to speak the displayed thoughts, more disinterest of the great media, either for the described enemies for Eichenwald, either for the foreigners created by Blomkamp and Tatchell. Even because, when the first dance, and the shelters are repletos of diplomee, it is changedded automatically into as. If to give luck. The journalist of New York Times evidences that the dominant note of all the trips of executives of multinationals for the globe must it the alignment of the prices of its products with the competitors.

In other words, cartels are the occult custom that if multiplies in hotels five stars. It also cogitates if the assembly plants do not have in the drawer an automobile capable to twirl 100 kilometers with one liter of gasoline Everything turns and the enemy circles. Our beloved administration, whose opinions the respect so are divided, ones considers it ‘ ‘ father of the poor persons and mother of bancos’ ‘ , others proclaim that it entered definitively for history for the door of the front, and others, still cautious, only aventam how much to the legacy, how much what it will come later. Its presumable continuity since already nails ‘ ‘ A Forte’ State; ‘. This is frightful. Dedilha the candy legend to the ears of the crdulos that Roman emperor Marco Aurlio, all the times that left the streets, led I obtain a charged slave to whisper it to it the ears: one remembers of that you are only one man.

The bother insight of Neill Blomkamp (managing of the film), was to transform all ragged, all excluded, in a foreigner, therefore thus it would only be possible to see with rejoicing its open barraco the kicks and its summary execution. They are not therefore men, women, children, old, the ones that today inhabit the called area of community, ameno name for a reality that does not cool. To blame governments for countless ‘ ‘ District 9’ ‘ spread of north the south in our country, and to exclusively leave this guilt with them, me he seems one in such a way in disorder today with what one expects of the human being in this New Millenium. Considering the future as an incognito endowed with two or three not changeable points, considering the gift as fruit of possibilities passing, nothing hinder that in our tablets, in a future any, is written under – with a point of interrogation in the end – the following ones to say: we are all hostages or we are all abetters?