Stevia extract is easily soluble in water and resistant to cooking. It is easy to bake biscuits with honey and stevia instead of sugar or make lemonade (plain water + lemon juice + stevia extract). Growing Stevia Stevia in our environment can be grown in a pot on the windowsill as long-term culture or even in the summer glasshouse or greenhouse. In the second case you get a good harvest in the first year. The plant demanded to light, heat and moisture supply.

For cultivation in the home should be prepared from a mixture of substrate humus, sand and sod land in equal proportions, and add 1% of vermicompost. The optimum temperature for the cultivation of Stevia in the winter of 12-15 C, 18-25 C. In summer, hot, sunny summer, it will feel great on your balcony or in the garden. Plant needs high humidity, so requires constant watering and spraying. Even better, make a moist chamber: the plant cover with a plastic 5-gallon capacity (which sell water) or transparent plastic bag. When the plant reaches a height of 15-20 cm, top with 2-4 leaves to prune for better formation of the bush.

Caring for plants older than two years is more frequent watering and fertilizing. On the one Plants can get 60-100 grams of dry leaf, which replaces the 3 kg of sugar! In the greenhouse or greenhouse-grown seedlings are planted in advance upon the occurrence of warm weather, so the plant does not tolerate temperatures below 12 C. It is best to do at night or in cloudy weather, and then copiously watered. The distance between rows and plants 30×30 cm Harvesting is carried out in the budding phase (early flowering). If the summer is hot and before the frost is still 30-40 days the plant is cut at a height of 15-20 cm, continue to take good care (watering, fertilize, loosen) to obtain a second crop. If the weather conditions you can not count on a second crop, the plant is cut completely, on the stump.