Photo exhibition in the Duisburg Innenhafen Duisburg inner harbour, 16th 2010 – positive surprise reflected photographer Friedhelm Krischer about the resonance of the late Sunday to end photo exhibition in NEW YORK STORIES. After an opening which exceed the expectation on March 4 with more than 200 guests from politics, economy and culture more than 300 visitors visited the exhibition at the inner harbour alone on the first two opening weekends. Krischer shows particularly pleased about the huge interest in the purchase of images: “… where a conventional exhibition at a single sold exhibit from a success speaks, we have up to now over 20 sold images… the subject of New York is a perennial favourite and the authentic implementation of the classic Street-style makes the city for the people can be experienced.” the author explains.

Interested visitors can get the photographs from Thursday until Sunday, 21.3 18: 00 in the foyer of the Werhahnmuhle see. Address: Werhahnmuhle, Philosophenweg 31-33, 47051 Duisburg Inner harbour. Info: Who unfortunately can not visit the photo exhibition of NEW YORK STORIES in Duisburg’s inner harbour, yet you want to experience the motives, can visit NEW YORK STORIES online and get a fantastic insight into the metropolis of metropolis by an outright change of perspective, that the global world has in common with our local. (Photographs by:) Press release: krischerfotografie / Agency: Vonmaro Dickhoff & Gummel,