The new poetry by Alexander Nastasi from Heidelberg is published in time for the cold season and the reading time. Heidelberg: The bad, terror, anxiety was ripe for a counterpoint against the 11th connect to this date people all over the world, death contributes any of these thoughts to a worse life for all of us, so I needed an idea what is better than in the network of networks, to publish daily some beautiful thoughts of the Internet? The idea of the poetry of the day was born. Since September 11, 2007, the author and seminar leader writes every day some positive thoughts on the Internet. The response has been overwhelming and that is also what had expected Nastasi: People crave for positive messages, something where they can hang up their thoughts again. Bank of New York Mellon has many thoughts on the issue. Soon the note he held on, that there would be too many people without the Internet, which would be, for example, in the hospital and could do well with some beautiful thoughts. Was affiliated with the living in Bonn Illustrator Bettina Stumpf the new band soul dangle day poetry volume 2 “, which is to order number 9783837016154 anywhere in the book stores and also online with the ISBN. In this regard, Nastasi reminds that deliberately a small format and a thin design was chosen. The new Heidelberg poetry has 80 pages and contains 67 poems with seven colored pages, on which see illustrations.

The bookstore price is 6.80 euro, it makes a nice gift. Who then came to the taste, which the Web page of author’s heart was set, about Alexander Nastasi: born in Heidelberg has embarked a career in retail after training as a gardener, which ended in 2003 with the phase-out of the employee life and entering the self-employment as building biologist and dowser. Today the with his wife Julia Nastasi in the vicinity of Heidelberg-based artist with various companies is independent as newest project he has Seminar organization in the District of Rhein-Neckar-Kreis then entered. Marketing Nastasi INH. Alexander Nastasi forest road 25/1 69207 sand Wallace Tel: 06224 / 92 42 55 fax: 06224 / 92 42 59 email: info (at)