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Mediterranean Count

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Everything the people captured something, and there is no doubt that while it lasted was a great disorder by the possibility of war with the neighbour of poniente in times of very great famine. The Barcelona House indirectly ruled Provence Since times of Charlemagne, but to the withdraw of Languedoc Toulouse count Guillermo de Orange, in 1022 (when Arnau de Torroja was born), the Languedoc were taking entity until Provence they claimed to have access to the sea. His Queen, call Gerberga, in the year 1110 married his daughter Dulce de Provence with Ramon Berenguer III. Thus the House of Barcelona merged with the Comtesse de Provence. Although the counts of Toulouse played almost two centuries later the possession of Occitan to the House of Barcelona, the fact that the clergy and the nobility supported the catalan count prevailed in favour of the Catalans in Provence. Those struggles lasted decades, with truces agreed and also unfulfilled, and this in spite of the dangers, since access to the Mediterranean was the best way to compare with the large European trade and policy.

Since he joined with Aragon, Catalonia was opened to the world with maximum guarantees. The creation of the catalano-Aragonese Kingdom called Corona de Aragon took place in 1162. In regards the Catalan international politics who lived Arnau de Torroja in the 12th century, it was a time that soon became dreadful for the Occitan, because in 1147 Pope Eugenio III sent a legacy to the count of Toulouse to stop the progress of the Cathars, but was unsuccessful. The Pope sent to those more full of freethinkers provinces their preachers in order to combat the expansion of the Cathar faith but considered heretics ever increased its influence in Occitania due to the protection of the Duke Guillermo de Aquitania, as well as the vast majority of the Occitan nobility. On the other hand the young Arnau knew well of the unstoppable rise of the Almohad Muslims in the southern half of the Peninsula (1147-1260). Exactly in 1172 consolidated his victory over the Almoravids (the second period of the taifas of the Al – Andaluz).Once culminated his puritanical Islamic spiritual reform, they proceeded to fortify Caceres, Badajoz and Sevilla, city that became its capital building in it (as in all his) top domains), showy


Metropolitan Museum Museum

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The exhibition of Karin Sander and the other Hans Thoma – winner is from 14 August to 18 September in the Hans-Thoma Museum of art to see. The Museum is open Wednesday to Friday from 10.30 am to 12 noon and from 2 p.m. to 5 P.m., and Saturdays and on Sundays and public holidays from 11: 30 am to 5 pm. The entrance fee is 3.50 euro for adults, 2 euros for children up to 16 years. There is a flyer for the exhibition at the tourist information of Bernau, Tel. 07675 160030, +++ information about Karin Sander: Karin Sander born 1957 in Bensberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. in 1963, the family moved to Baden-Wurttemberg. She attended school in Reutlingen and studied at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kunste in Stuttgart.

Besides guest professorships among others at the academies in Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, in Los Angeles and Auckland she received the call at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weissensee and 2007 at the ETH (Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule) Zurich 1999. She lives and works in Berlin and Zurich. The concept of the artist work of Karin Sander is very diverse. You is always found above. Their design for an exhibition begins with an intensive search. She developed work that entail often sophisticated, technical developments against the background of the respective institution. Therefore their functioning not describe by a medium or a specific technology.

Their works can be language, painting, sculpture, mathematics, film, audio, yes everything. The artistic intervention determine the place, the institution, the history, the architecture, the context of the exhibition. Known are her polished wall pieces (1986), white passages (1990), their 3-D scanner (1996), patina – and use images (1999/2009) and the audio tour”, the end of 2009, for an exhibition at the Temporare Kunsthalle Berlin has been realized. Renowned artist Karin Sander was scholarship holder of DAAD in New York, as well as the Academy Schloss solitude in Stuttgart. She was awarded the Villa-Romana-Prize in Florence and the Rubens prize of the city Siegen. She was artist-in-residence at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris, and in Auckland. For many years the artist galleries in Stuttgart, Munich, Vienna, Madrid and New York on the international stage works. Many of her works are in private and public collections: including the Museum of modern art, New York, and San Francisco (United States); Metropolitan Museum, New York (United States); Museum Abteiberg, Monchengladbach (D); Centro Galego de Arte Contemporanea, Santiago di Compostela (E); Museum of art and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart (D); National Museum of Osaka (JPN); St.


Poetry And Reality Of The Abrahamic Religion

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The Old Testament is not a history book, but the three great monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam is a history book as followers of the Abrahamic religion. When did this come about? Who created it? What’s it with Abraham? What was the vision of the Abrahamic religion? Successor religions consider very different from their predecessors. They were already always at odds, who best keeps the heritage. From Judaism, the Abrahamic religion is considered early in its history. Christianity interprets the Abrahamic religion as a precursor of the new testament; only in Jesus Christ fulfilled the old testament. Thus, both interpretations of the originality of the Abrahamic religion deny its importance. Disambiguation Abraham was not the founder of a religion, how about Muhammad was the founder of Islam, or there would be no Christianity without Jesus Christ. The Abrahamic religion is founded by people, representing however given her work as from God.

Them is to a group of people who remained largely anonymous. Of Biblical figures such as Ezekiel, Ezra, Nehemiah, we can assume that they were heavily involved. Except for them it will have been leading men of the priests stand. Also it has been the emergence of the Abrahamic religion to a more protracted process of forming. Because Abraham was not a religious founder, we cannot speak of the religion of Abraham. The Abrahamic religion based on Abraham as the symbolic father.

Who was Abraham? Abraham is a symbol character. Abraham met in the Bible as a wanderer from Mesopotamia to Canaan. There were countless such wandering Arameans who were travelling with her family and her flock in search for pastures. The biblical Abraham is considered as chosen by God, and promised him the land for the future people of God. Remarkable makes the old testament unspecified, Abraham to allocate time. It lacks the usual time for life data, such as \”it happened in the year so and so the Government of King’s x in country y\”.



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Since 1998, about 150 exhibitions were shown–150 exhibitions but what? 150 artists have this possibility had here, of which three quarters of Hamburg and the urban environment. That is not much, what could be done here for the artists, but it was done and not with and by the Ministry of culture! From circles of renowned artists now “openly criticizes. But who hears the Stimmen from the circles of the artists who had their forum in the today’s Kunsthaus seinerzeit, and had to leave. Who speaks about it openly, like many of the creative in the meantime in the years this city still a hope have ever to have a sensible public exhibition in Hamburg? Last year, we have made a proposal which one foresees a further exhibition space which provides for alternative energy for the factory building but also examples on this Way to find potential sponsors in the industry producing these eco-friendly technologies. We have artist coffee BBs thought of, that would attract potential sponsors or operators of the gastronomy and on social aspects of personnel selection. We have thought also of Ateliers to art to the touch for our blind and visually impaired citizens inside and out, have you all in a previous flagship model for Hamburg could realize now suddenly many this idea the culture authority among other things we are aware that many such ideas sure long in any drawers are perhaps not quite as, as we us that you might imagine.

In this respect we support all relevant actions (as far as how far non-violent) in this context even if our ideas were not implemented. To the content of this article: much taking up forcibly, if one deals with the concerns of the Hamburg artists for over a decade and Exhibitions. And we keep our fingers crossed that Hanzevast can’t all us or if the concept so strictly to that here for the Hamburg-based artists an ArtCenter for Hamburg can arise if there is money for the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, something should be actually even for this move. AE.Untiet


Petersburg Valery Ilyushkina

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Valery was born June 18, 1939 in the town of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk region. 40 years ago, graduated from the Leningrad Higher Art and Industrial School. VI Fly. Since 1972, she teaches activities. Since 1998, a member of the Union of Artists of the Russian Federation. What is he, Petersburg Valery Ilyushkina? This is a warm and joyous city, rich in bright clean colors. There are no dull St.

Petersburg "greyness". On the contrary, much of the sun and in the southern blue sky. Landscapes almost deserted: only some of them "animated" small figures. Despite this, in St. Petersburg on the canvases of the artist is amazingly friendly, proportionate to the person.

This is not a modern metropolis living in a mad rhythm, and cozy town whose life takes a measured and degrees. All is full of harmony and tranquility, colored with bright colors of life. On examination master paintings have a feeling the same style, a kind of "handwriting" of the artist: decorative, bright colors, the lack of detail, substantial "weight" of the form. Valery – a true artist. Color in His canvases clearly dominates the other painting. It seems that the artist perceives the world primarily through color. Very interesting sketches for paintings. It is these quick sketches by looking at the world through the eyes of an artist: to see a slushy winter Petersburg pink and pale shades of salad or enjoy the sunlight playing on the wall high-rises. Probably, many passed by Avtovo circus without paying much attention to his dusty tent. And, suddenly, in his study of Valery Ilyushkina he appears unexpectedly meaningful and attractive. In the artist's works are beautiful not only picturesque corners of the historic center St. Petersburg, but also ordinary buildings "sleeping" areas. In addition to landscapes, still lifes, Valery Ilyushkin writes. They are made so juicy and "delicious", it becomes clear that, with what pleasure the artist wrote them. Especially I want to note filled with joy and spring mood, "Still Life with Tulips" and "etching machine," which could easily be called "Portrait of etching machine," so it looks inspired by picture.



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Photo exhibition in the Duisburg Innenhafen Duisburg inner harbour, 16th 2010 – positive surprise reflected photographer Friedhelm Krischer about the resonance of the late Sunday to end photo exhibition in NEW YORK STORIES. After an opening which exceed the expectation on March 4 with more than 200 guests from politics, economy and culture more than 300 visitors visited the exhibition at the inner harbour alone on the first two opening weekends. Krischer shows particularly pleased about the huge interest in the purchase of images: “… where a conventional exhibition at a single sold exhibit from a success speaks, we have up to now over 20 sold images… the subject of New York is a perennial favourite and the authentic implementation of the classic Street-style makes the city for the people can be experienced.” the author explains.

Interested visitors can get the photographs from Thursday until Sunday, 21.3 18: 00 in the foyer of the Werhahnmuhle see. Address: Werhahnmuhle, Philosophenweg 31-33, 47051 Duisburg Inner harbour. Info: Who unfortunately can not visit the photo exhibition of NEW YORK STORIES in Duisburg’s inner harbour, yet you want to experience the motives, can visit NEW YORK STORIES online and get a fantastic insight into the metropolis of metropolis by an outright change of perspective, that the global world has in common with our local. (Photographs by:) Press release: krischerfotografie / Agency: Vonmaro Dickhoff & Gummel,


Original Body

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Osho invites us to observe in depth the contents of the mind. Then we will make us aware of the origin; then we go into the origin. It is awesome, because everything you’ve known as oneself, will die. It is a fact certain that we have a death, a personality, everything will die, because personality, identity, ego, all are in the dust, the dust accumulated around of your being. Only be remain without name and form.

And this sutra says that this is the preparatory bathroom. Only now you’re able to enter, and so far just push yourself. At the moment in which you are purified in the instant that you’ve crossed this bathroom, the instant in which the karmas have dissolved, you need not already make no effort. The desire is related to life, but life may also lack of desires. But then life itself becomes impossible. If all desires vanish, then the body cannot continue already more because the body is just an instrument for wishes see grocery stores…

Biologists say now that we have developed the senses because of the desires, and that if you could want persistently, the body would develop new senses. That have eyes is due only to the wishes. Usually, we believe that it is because we have eyes by what we see. No! Biologists say that since there is a desire to see, the eyes are developed. If the desire to see isn’t there, the eyes disappear. Whole body exists due to desires. Krishnamurti points us, we are a result of the past, and to build upon him without understanding it, provoking disaster. The mind, which is a result, a composite, fails to understand what isn’t made up of fragments, which lacks cause and is independent of time. Any belief necessarily belongs to the past, to created; and it constitutes an impediment to the experimentation of the real thing. When thinking? feel is anchored, in a State of dependence, the understanding of the real thing is impossible. There has to be a frank and serene liberation from the past, a spontaneous flood of silence; only under such conditions can flourish that which is real. Our thinking and feeling indicates Krishnamurti, are corrupted by greed, by the corrosive waves of memory. Only a State of awareness alerts and deep puts an end to this absorbing process of the past. Greed, like pleasure, always limited and singularises it. And how thinking born of greed would understand what is immeasurable? What ye are, la is the world: If you are cruel, sensual, ignorant, greedy; so shall the world. Your belief in God, or your disbelief in its regard, mean very little. Ye shall only with your thoughts, feelings and actions, indeed, do the world a terrible, cruel, barbarous thing, or a place of peace, compassion and wisdom… (will continue II/II) Original author and source of the article.