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The ordinary person wants to build its business on the Internet! He has heard about this, that business is very profitable and interesting, but does not know where to start. He thinks it's difficult, he has no skills, no good, in general, he does not understand that to anything. Do not know about you, but I'm just beginning! A person browsing the internet a lot of material about his business in the network looks testimonials from those who came, and of course those who do not work, listens to relatives, friends and acquaintances who, because just as he about it do not know anything and are advised to leave these crazy ideas, because everything is very difficult. Better to have your job, to work, earn experience and with peace of mind to retire. Somehow survive to then live in retirement at his pleasure! I want to ask, but before retirement, that there is no life? No need to enjoy yourself and please your loved ones? Pension – it is something that we should strive? In retirement you will be financially free? My answer is NO! A Yours? So, what is needed for business on the Internet? First and most importantly – desire! The desire to remake their lives, to become master of his life, earning not to exist, and to life that brings joy. As the saying goes "It would be desire and everything will be "The second thing to sell? Product you can sell. If you do not have it, sell someone else and get a commission.


Strategic Management

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This is a consequence of laws governing the transition from the industrial and economic paradigm of strategic management, which considers the activities of the enterprise through the prism of environmental factors and sectoral indicators, to a new paradigm based management resource potential and the internal capabilities of the enterprise 1. The need to integrate these approaches into a coherent theory is explained in terms of system-wide guidelines interdependence and interdependence of the object (the organization), which is regarded as an open system and its environment (the market), as a meta study of the object. In this case, the key to creating a logically holistic description of the market mechanism will be the understanding of the unity of analysis – decomposition of the market structure to an elementary level, "producer-buyer" and the subsequent synthesis of elements received in the market system. Formation of initial knowledge about the market system through the analysis assumes its structuring – the definition of a relatively stable aspect of the system, which can be regarded as its structural model. Using various methods of decomposition (decomposition) of the system depending on the objectives of the study determines the multiplicity of options for its structuring. From the standpoint of the essential nature of research metabolic processes seems reasonable to restrict their analysis describing the wireframe model of interaction of producers and consumers at the micro level of the market system, with the remaining environmental factors on this stage should be seen as indirect factors. Given this determination of the structure of the metabolic processes will be reduced to the analysis of elemental composition of the "customer-product-producer, as well as identify forms of interaction between the marked elements, which upon further expansion can be considered as independent systems.

As part of the modern concept of marketing complex relationships between market participants disclosed information under an angle of view: the fundamental importance have information communications between the manufacturer and the purchaser, which are the basis for forming future metabolic processes and inventory cash flows. Conditional market communication can be represented as contacts between buyer and manufacturer (Figure 1.1). As such contact can be considered, for example, advertising communication, information search on the manufacturer's web site, contact the buyer with the seller, a visual assessment of the buyer at point of sale, at trade shows, direct sales by telephone, the display of goods manufacturer in the office of buyer, etc. The need for a detailed study of causal relationships between the structural units of the model follows from the general patterns of concentration and specialization, and attempts to elicit endogenous factors of their occurrence by site-specific market. In industrial markets, trends observed appear as a personification of the market offers for each customer. In markets end-users an alternative proposal is the creation of differentiated segmentation of consumers' needs and targeted buying segments. Thus, understanding specific metabolic processes will lie in the plane of study motivation of market participants, the internal laws of their formation for each case the interaction of buyer and manufacturer C (Customer) – P (Product) – S (Supplier).


State Asssets

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Astana only makes a strange mountain. Negative consequences of such Kazakh financial "activities" Tajikistan will be felt soon. Further reduce the quality of life in the country, there will be a collapse of the banking system and others on March 27 this year in Dushanbe with the visiting delegation of JSC Kazakhstan Holding for State Assets Management Samruk, headed by CEO S. Mynbayev, to discuss prospects of cooperation with Tajikistan. Clear characteristics: it was that lucrative Tajikistan is ready to sell Kazakh "investor". We need to think elite RT understands the danger of cutting proposals for their steppe neighbors.

Nothing else can explain the increasing trend in Last week, the critical assessment of the Tajik political scientists at the Kazakh domestic and foreign policy. So, the last "democratic" changes in Kazakhstan commented on some of the Tajik experts, including including Head of Research Center for Dialogue and a member of the Political Council of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan H. Saifullozoda. He believes that "apparently some Central Asian countries seem to follow the path of democratization society. But it turned out that all this had different goals. Despite the fact that President Nazarbayev has been decent age, yet he decided by the redistribution of authority to create the conditions for his perpetual presidency in this the country. " Of the same opinion and expert Tajik Republican Fund Indem "Saymuddin Dustov, noting that" recent changes in the Constitution, deputies of the Kazakh parliament – is trampling norms of democracy.

" Another Nazarbayev idea of creating a Union of Central Asian states, in essence, is also a continuation of the endless tragicomic series called "Leadership development in Kazakhstan." According to the Tajik political analyst Rashid Abdullah, "in Central Asia Early integration will lead to the fact that supranational institutions will reflect primarily the interests of the states with stronger economies. R. Abdullah further writes: "It is understood that the concessions do not have to explicitly Kazakhstan, an economic heavyweight. Naturally, the Tajik parties could not help but wonder – and not Are these words reflect an undercurrent emerging in Kazakhstan daydream about a certain status of the new "big brother" to the peoples of Central Asia? Such a turn in the conversation allows us to speak about a certain variance in how to be understood in the Kazakhstan goal to become a leader in Central Asia. " At the official level, Dushanbe also dismissed the possibility of its transformation into a "little brother" of Kazakhstan, ignoring the idea of the Union Central Asian states "NASA, in spite of persistent hustle and bustle of the Kazakh ambassador to the Tajik capital, and phone calls from Astana. In this regard, we can conclude: both in domestic and foreign policy, in finance, transport infrastructure development and other areas of development in Kazakhstan, where everyone runs the western capital, "where no one else it always a wedge." As the saying goes, "that stump of an owl that owl on a stump." Our Kazakh patient is not reasonable and Rather, this project is viable. This case is incorrigible. It remains an open question just what will become of Kazakhstan, or rather what is left in its place after the collapse of his Ponzi scheme "?


SMEs Low

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According to a study conducted by Sysban.com company specialized in creation solutions online store for SMEs and self-employed sysban.com one of the causes that prefers setting up a business online is low risk and low investment that implies. The costs of creating an online store are really low and the risk is low, the most that can be lost is a little time. However since Sysban you are advised not to mount an online shop but have clear things and but the project takes seriously. Here is where sysban, company specialized in creation of online stores provides a tool for e-commerce that at a lower cost to 20 euros a month, allows us to have our virtual business and sell online. Because not try it?, already there are many that have created your online business. Sysban maintains a permanent commitment to technological development and the quality of its services, putting the most advanced design of stores online, accommodation infrastructure available to the self-employed and small businesses Web and telecommunications..