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What is cinema? This is entertainment or an art? The cinema has a great influence on our lives. In many countries film industry put on a grand scale and is largely a country's economy. Movies we can see in cinemas, on television or on video (tape or disk). How does its infancy cinema? The world's first movie was filmed and shown 1895goda December 28. This case put their efforts two brothers, a Frenchman – Augusta Lumiere and Louis Jean. With his invention in 1896godu brothers made the world tour: visited Bombay, New York, London. Cinema has come to Russia in January 1894 when the Congress in Moscow doctors were shown moving and the riders Throwers copies.

This video was filmed using a movie camera designed by Freidenberg which used Skachkov mechanism I. Timchenko. What kind of a movie in the beginning? An entire era in world cinema – a silent movie. Some videos only appeared in 1920. The first feature film "Road to Life" was filmed with sound and shows the American company 'Warner Brothers' in 1931.

But this does not mean that the movie did not develop before time. The unique style of communication with the audience, using gestures and facial expressions developed in the silent movie. Express their feelings by some silent film actors are not surpassed even today. But the silent movie in the truest sense can not be called in cinemas for showing these films were the soundtrack in the form of piano, such people were called 'pianist'.


New York City

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My family knows I love . So when they brought me closer to the middle of an open book, I was not surprised, began to read: “New York is real. He calls the museum did not thrill. It was created for life, work, entertainment and death. Historical monuments are absent. Past, present and future are drawn in the same harness.

Revolution happen – there will be nothing to storm. There is no sense of place. There is a sense of the ship, stuffed with millions of passengers. This city is so diverse that you know – there is a corner for you. ” Not having read through, I realized that it Dovlatov. On the cover he is looking somewhere else for us over the head and the words “Craft.” You have already understood that passage, as well as the entire book – autobiographical. But most importantly to a friend! If you pick up the book, see the note just to the site, I realized – that is so necessary to write in his blog. “Craft” – is essentially a “blog” Dovlatov.

Off is not possible. It seems to me Every blogger wants to on his blog could not tear myself away. How do I do? Read Dovlatov. Now note Dovlatov called “The Island” is fully Island ‘Three cities have passed through my life. The first was Leningrad. Without work and effort was given Leningrad posture of the capital. Water and stone determined its horizontal pompous style. Generosity is as common as unhealthy complexion, debt and perpetual self-irony. Leningrad has painful complex spiritual center, somewhat deprived of its administrative rights. The combination of inferiority and superiority makes him a very sarcastic gentleman. Such cities have in any decent country. (In Italy – Milan. In France – Lyon. In the United States – Boston.) Leningrad called the capital of the Russian provinces. I think it’s the least the city soviet Russia … Next was Tallinn. Some consider it too tiny, confectionery, cloying. I know that these cakes – with stuffing. Tallinn – the city is vertical, introverted. Looking at the Gothic tower and think – about yourself. This is the least Soviet Baltic city. Penalty transfer between East and West. My life has flowed for years from East to West. The third city in this life became a New York City. New York – a chameleon. A broad smile on his face, easily replaced by a contemptuous grimace. New York relaxing serene and deadly. Sweeping generous and painfully stingy. Ready to bestow you, but is able to destroy, and without a moment’s hesitation. Its architecture resembles a bunch of toys. It is a nightmare so that achieves a certain harmony. His aesthetics in harmony with the train accident. It violates the laws of school geometry. Mocks gravity. Refreshes the memory of third-Cubist canvases. New York real. He did not cause the museum trepidation. It was created for life, work, entertainment and death. Historical monuments are absent. Past, present and future are drawn in the same harness. Revolution happen – there will be nothing to storm. There is no sense of place. There is a sense of the ship, stuffed with millions of passengers. This city is so diverse that you know – there is a corner for you. I think that New York City – my last, decisive, final city.


Preparatory National School

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In the land of professional education, it must to Right Mountain range the project to him of restoration of the National University of Mexico (today the UNAM), made specific in 1910, as it leaves from the celebration of the centenary of independence. The re-opening of university abri the doors to the culture of the diverse philosophical currents in Mexico. The School of High before nonexistent Studies and that later would be the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters would have like specific mission to spread the philosophy studies, mainly of the spread recent philosophical doctrines in Europe after the positivismo. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of NY Museums on most websites. Mountain range obtained the restoration of the education of the philosophy in the official education so that it had an own space in the land of the Mexican thought and the culture. The project found opposition on the part of old liberal and the positivistas ones that the educative system had dominated; however, the new generations saw with affection the idea, before the expectation of which the intellectual life of the Mexico of century XX would be extended. The Athenian of Youth. The first critics done to the positivismo from outside this current were realised by a group of young people known with the name the Athenian of Youth, to whom they were integrated, among others many, Alfonso Kings, Jesus Acevedo, Diego Creek, Antonio Caso, Jose Vasconcelos, Carlos Gonzlez Rock, Martin Luis Guzmn, Manuel M.

Ponce and Isidro Fabela. For even more details, read what Pouya Yadegar says on the issue. The atenestas were educated in the prevailing positivismo in the Preparatory National School, through set of scientific matters that received. Nevertheless, the positivismo in which was educated the atenestas had their peculiarities: In the first years of century XX the interest by the positivismo was handicapped and their main cultivators had died or were already old. Some of their teachers, like Right Mountain range, began to doubt the principles in that the positivismo was maintained.


Mexico City

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The second step is to evaluate the prices of income and how much budget you have. You can make a comparison between the costs of each several companies and ask if they have special packages or some type of discount to companies. An important point is that you look very well in it that include costs, longer times that seem cheap, but in practice they are not. Also notice if company car rental branches are close to your company, so you easier going by rental truck. She asked if the truck you want to rent has full-time assistance; i.e.

24/7 If you’re on the road. Some companies let you rent plans for days or months and include different additional services. The maintenance of the truck can be carried out by the company’s rental car, which also is responsible for an inspection before the income to monitor that the pickup is functioning well. Once rented the van you can transport your products quickly and easily, without interrupting your productivity times.


Photos For Rest And Fun

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In modern times, in constant nervous moments and bustle of everyday life, often we tend to sink vast amounts of information that constantly spews out at us, and television and the Internet. And the details of such an amount that simply have nowhere to go. But in fact we have the opportunity to choose. Select only those data that we want to get. And such information, which for some reason is for us important or useful.

Main piece of information that comes with the mass media, television channels whether it is a global network – is informatsiyaprihodit to the two best-developed, according to psychologists, channels of perception Information: This is the perception of the auditory channel and visual channel information. See more detailed opinions by reading what Bill de Blasio offers on the topic.. It must be said that visual perception is divided into text, verbalized, and graphic, that is, images. When we information is required with a good degree of accuracy, as a rule, appeal to the text verbalized information. When in need of information for a good time for relaxation and rest from their difficulties, Funny prefer most. In general, this section of the Internet, which is set aside just this type of photographs, especially gay and that is called, unearthly, that is totally unrelated to our present life or showing her with great, funny side, is the most visited. Is that something might be more interesting than the personal lives of famous people? So it turns out that photo of naked celebrities – this is the easiest way attract a lot of portal users. The primary goal of the photographer in this situation – it's filling at each plot photos are not cease to be a professional. Everyone knows that such nuances as the game of the beam light and shade on the photograph, the use of a color palette of nuances of lighting, and other specific characteristics of photography are crucial for high-quality photos. And even such photographers engaged in activities which has taken a different name from the Italian paparazzi annoying, can not afford to shoot footage, however, at least from a technical point of view, if not morally, one would be proud of.


Central Buenos Aires

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Even though I get to sign a Government agreement to form the joint venture. It generated strong resistance, by its detractors, so it was replaced by the definitive agreement to transfer the railway heritage private English to the Argentine State. We are of those who believe, that would have been more beneficial to the other agreement, taking into account circumstances as the inconvertibility of the pound sterling. But the history was otherwise. It should be recalled that the purchase of the railways of British capital, it preceded him in the French capital. And the picture was completed with the purchase of railway Central Buenos Aires, Argentine capital and the transfer to the national State of the Provincial railway, belonging to the province of Buenos Aires. If you would like to know more about NY museums , then click here. It should be recalled that when buying private capital railways, the treintaidos percent of the network, was State-owned.

And employees of the system were 136,000. By 1955, the template had climbed to 222,000 employees. And bidecenal roads plan had been executed without alterations.At the end, the constitutional Government of then, replacing it by a national highways plan. Must be entered, in the 1946 constitutional period / 1955, in addition to the nationalization of railways; the branch was built Turbio ferroindustrial Gallegos; you think the national factory of locomotives; the competition of prototypes of via bus, as well as purchases of railway equipment took place. But it was also during this period that they started making cars in series in the country. Today, it is evident, that regret the consequences of law 5315 and bidecenal roads, at that time plan not warned, the vulnerability that would enter the railways and river maritime cabotage shortly thereafter. Almost as a symbol of the times that were, at the time of the coup of September 1955, the Government de facto designate holder of national roads to the same person, who had “protagonistic participation” in the design and implementation underway, bidecenal plan 1934 / 1954.


Russian Folk Tales

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and died of old age. Moral: the success of any project depends on thoroughly thought-out plan. 2. Grandmother of Dedkov granddaughter for grandmother, granddaughter of the beetle, a cat for bugs, mouse over cat, pull-pull – pulled! A turnip-then pulled only by a mouse – well, how could a mouse to dream that she will give plenty of both, with impunity, shabby cat’s tail! Moral: the success of any project depends on effective motivation system.

3. Prince Ivan shot from a bow. Arrow flew into the swamp and got straight into a frog. Yes, – thought Prince Ivan – that bestiality, necrophilia that … Moral: the success of any business depends on the proper use of resources.

4 .- Gingerbread-loaf, I’ll eat you! – Do not eat me, Lisa, I’ll sing a song! – Sing, Gingerbread Man! – The fox said, and thought – So it turns out, what – the restaurant: first, the music, and then a snack! Moral: always important to interpret the situation. 5. Flies, Prince Ivan on the Grey Wolf over the fields, over the woods. Wolf Lake past the eye passes, the blue mountains tail swings. For a long time even after finding out that the king Berendey – who has delivered on Ancient Rus marijuana? Moral: there is no morality – amoral tale! 6. “If by magic in my desire, let me bake herself lucky!”. Stove went out of the house, and on it Emelya. Emelya sits on the stove and oven going – people diva given. Emelya rides on the oven village, the village, the town of the city – and listen to his oven. And the day went, and night. And in this time in the house without the oven frozen, his entire family. Moral: every PR campaign must comply resources and take account of local climatic conditions.


Bastet Egypt

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The Egyptians were afraid to injure or kill a sacred animal and surrendered. Cambyses conquered Egypt and founded the 27th dynasty 10. Egyptian plastic left us with many wonderful Figurines beautiful cats. Egypt has always been famous art depicting animals. Greater development of animalistic plastitka Egypt reached in saissky period (663 – 525 years BC. E..) In the 7th century BC.

Oe. Egypt were united under the authority of Pharaoh, who founded the dynasty 26. Capital of an independent state became the city of Sais. For the culture of this era was characterized by an appeal to the traditions of the Old Kingdom, the desire to idealize the past. Saisskie master the ancient art canons borrowing, have created a unique style, cool and elegant, have reached a high technical excellence.

The museums of our country among the various genres and types of Egyptian art shows and animalistic sculpture. Bronze statuettes of cats saisskogo period exhibited in many museums, the Hermitage, Pushkin Museum Pushkin Museum of Oriental Art and other bronze statues Cats differ in the finest and volume of the surface. Soft contours emphasize the plasticity of the body, a graceful silhouette. Masterfully natural, and graceful animal. Figures are usually richly ukashalis. We figurines Hermitage of the necklace around his neck, scarabs on the crown and the eyes are inlaid with gold. Made with love, these figurines are exquisite and at the same time, they discreetly aloof, even strict. As if to remind everyone that Bastet – a gracious hypostasis fearsome lion-headed goddess Sekhmet, the daughter of the sun god Ra, Maat support – the universal harmony – and punishing those who violate it. Usually, the ancient Egyptian things, little is known in our time. Sarcophagus for mummies and in the form of a cat – esponat near Moscow Museum-Estate "Arkhangelsk" – is a happy exception. On a wooden pedestal, manufactured for the statues in the XIX century, was preserved with the metal plate inscription that bronze figurine of a cat, which is located inside mummified head of a cat was found in the "pyramids of Saqqara in Lower Egypt, near Memphis and brought to Russia in 1850 (Figure 3.30). Bronze cat more than two Millennium covered with noble patina – a thin layer of degenerated metal that partially preserves the surface against corrosion. Still, the metal corroded. In the not visible to the eye microvoids, cracks, defects gradually accumulated salts of chlorine, causing the process. Variations in temperature and humidity led to the outbreak of the disease: peel off the patina, the appearance on the surface of bronze knobs. Restovratora problem – to suspend the process failure of the metal, remove the already damaged areas, without affecting the healthy surfaces. Were carefully removed from the statues of tubercles. Underneath the crater – unprotected areas of metal, a loophole for hazardous substances. The surface was treated with a special inhibitor – corrosion inhibitor. Mass, consisting of powder of malachite, copper oxides, the dark pigment and synthetic resin, zapechatoli loss. According to the chemical composition of this mixture is similar on the patina, it is durable and reliable. On the surface coated with a patina bronze statues, these make up almost not visible. Bronze sarcophagus – a remarkable monument of ancient Egypt animalistic sculpture back on display Moscow Region Museum 11.


Hands, Which Were Built America

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"The earth rotates, but we do not notice," "America was born on the streets of" New York, 1846 … North leads a brutal war with the South, and from Ireland are coming more and more new ships, filled with people fleeing from the British yoke. A young "Amsterdam" (Leonardo DiCaprio) desires to avenge his father's murderer, who heads a gang of "local" and hold down the entire New York area and Five Corners Cutting Bill the butcher. "Gangs of New York" – is not only story of the settling of scores and the problem of moral choice between duty to the person you brought up, and devotion to the extremely charismatic villain, who seemed not so bad, just the truth he has another. This is an epic story of the birth of American democracy. There was confusion all: opposition to "true" Americans and the nativists, Irish Catholics and Protestants, local acceptance of people of color, the feud with the legitimate government at war with the South and drove people into the army, and finally, personal vendettas and devotion to his convictions.

This is the story of a time when the offer to speak the language of democracy, in New York could get the ax in the back and the streets were turned into slaughterhouses and soldiers marching over the corpses to their ankles in blood. And the story of personal revenge, "Amsterdam" Uellota butcher-Bill (Daniel Day-Lewis) in his eyes turned to the other, is not private in American history, completes a magnificent music of Howard Shore ("Lord of the Rings," "The Departed") and U2 with the final composition The Hands That Built America (The hands that built America"). Remember the covenant of the Holy Father Uellota – the blood must remain on the cutting edge? Why – because, as a knight – not a butcher, and the blade, as well as conscience should be clean? Because remembering her shame, and taking it for granted, you can find the strength to go on. Become a better can only be mindful of their mistakes. And it does not only to members of the brotherhood "of dead birds." This is a general message of the film, directed to understanding the historical heritage. No need to deny their past, as it happens. To accept, interpret and move on. But never forget …


English Drama

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Drama has Shown an interest in current issues of our time from the earliest products. In the period from 1879 to 1883. Shaw wrote five novels: “immaturity”, “unreasonable marriage,” “Love Artists,” “Job Keshilya Byron,” and “Socialist loner.” In those years, Shaw’s novels have not received recognition. Beginner the writer had to endure a long and unequal combat with numerous publishers. He received only rejections, but do not give up.

An innovator by nature, and show a novel tried to introduce something new. Show Novels testified he inherent skill of the playwright, is still waiting for his case detection. In the novels it was reflected in a clearly expressed tendency to dialogized form, brilliantly constructed dialogue, which all without exception belong to the main show site. In 1884, Shaw joined the Fabian Society, soon after its creation. It was a social reformist organization, seek to direct the working movement. The task of the members of the Fabian Society was considered study of the principles of socialism and the transition paths for him. As a true innovator in the field of Shaw spoke of the drama. It approved a new type of English theater drama – intellectual drama, in which the principal place belongs to no intrigue, no gripping story, and even tense disputes, witty verbal fights, which lead his heroes. Shaw called his play “The play-discussions.” They captured the depth of the problems, an unusual form of their resolution, they excited the audience consciousness, made it hard to think about what is happening and fun to laugh along with the playwright over absurdity of existing laws, orders, customs.

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