ComLine and bremen online services link their technologies to the implementation of the EU services directive the bremen online services GmbH & co. KG (bos KG) is pleased about a further participants in the partner program: the Dortmund company ComLine has opted for the Governikus technology and integrates the Governikus Web signer in his helic Government suite. So authorities can offer in future electronic applications together with the qualified electronic signature and sign legally binding by the users directly in the application. Forms, such as for example business registrations after the EU services directive, provided in the helic application portal. The high importance the the bos KG on an ease of use of the product group Governikus signer sets, in this case, benefit the user: the helic application portal is complemented in his view only to another function.

The user fills out the document online and can then attach a qualified electronic signature on the application. Requires the possession of a signature card. The Governikus Web signer created the signature and thus guarantees the legal validity of the form. The application should then go safely via OSCI to the competent authority. There, the points of single contact (EA) confirms the receipt of the document.

Case management of the helic Government Suite brings together all necessary information from the forms and clearly represents it to the EA. The integrated deadline monitoring ensures a timely processing of applications based on the time stamp. If all required information is available, a request about the Ibrahim case management to the competent body, such as commercial office or Chamber of skilled crafts, is forwarded. Governikus ensures the right secure data transport. Governikus uses OSCI, the Protocol standard for right-secure data exchange with the German Government. A signature can also be installed at the exit of the documents. In the course of cooperation the ComLine AG aims for the certification of the helic application portal as ” Governikus compatible product in two classes A (OSCI-transport for data exchange) and C (integration of Governikus Web signer’s) at. “With the integration of the products of the bos we rounded off our helic Government Suite KG.” Authorities can provide so the documents online and at the same time right sure to prove their authenticity. The functional diversity of Governikus and the already existing high acceptance of the solution in the institutions and agencies have convinced us absolutely”called Stephen Schilling, Board of ComLine AG, the reasons for the cooperation. Dr. Stephan Klein, Managing Director of the bremen online services GmbH & co. KG added: “by partnering with the ComLine AG shows again that Governikus can be easily integrated into other products. Fast efficient solutions available that help for example in the implementation of the EU services directive stand.”