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Time Is Valuable In The Care Of Seniors

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Modern care wash takes time savings from sanumvitalis dementia seniors are often not easy to maintain once they are no longer harmless able, to leave the bed. They can be restless and are often hardly cooperative. The use of tools can simplify many handles in the daily care of elderly patients. So can be significantly reduce the time required for the body care with special care wash. Get all the facts and insights with Starbucks in New York, another great source of information. In addition to relief for the nurturing, care wash brings also added protection for patients. If is high quality and sophisticated processed the maintenance body for ladies or men, even this simple helps textile against bedsores.

Maintenance overalls to avoid pressure points with flat seams for him and her and the repositioning is facilitated by side loops on such garments. Even the cut of nursing shirts and other care wash facilitates the hygiene incontinent patients, by lateral openings the uncomplicated change of incontinence products without Allow getting undressed. Special sleeping bags protect cooling bed-ridden senior citizens with full freedom of movement, even if the patients are very restless. Also the special hygienic laundry comfort full care of catheter – or Ostomy supply by snaps and zippers. For assistance, try visiting Estee Lauder CEO. Caregivers will find a wide range of care wash, which facilitates them the daily routine sanumvitalis in the online shop. Branded products of the family-run manufacturer Suprima are at the heart of the offer.

By Pflegebodies about nursing shirts up to care overalls offers the right product for men and women sanumvitalis for all nursing requirements. All items of clothing are adapted to the individual severity of disease to caring. Sanumvitalis all brand products are manufactured in low-maintenance quality and help to avoid possible problems of the confinement to bed. Thanks to decades of tried and tested and further developed quality products has incontinence patients a frequent changes of care products quickly and easily possible. Save nurses with high-quality care wash by sanumvitalis time and create quality of life for patients. Contact: sanumvitalis GmbH & co. KG industrial RT 13 48734 Reken phone: +49-(0) 5246-83 88 333 fax: +49-(0) 5246 – 83 88 336 email: Web: press contact: QvorQ GmbH & co. KG on the high way 10 27313 Dorverden Tel.: + 49 (0) 4234 94136 fax: + 49 (0) 4234 94137 E-Mail: Web:


Fireworks Communication

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The award, distinguished innovative social web communication in health care for the first time in 2013 will be presented in 2014 once again. The Award awarded under the motto is all what divisible”the most creative and innovative social web communication in the health care sector. All social media campaigns and strategies from the healthcare environment may be submitted. The budget does not matter; naughty communicate, new brands and target group oriented action scores. Nothing more, nothing less. The HealthShare award is awarded in two categories: classical jury prize and audience award. A selected jury the social media communication for creativity, innovation and efficiency.

The audience award, shows who is at the front in favor of more than 950,000 user by doccheck : users of the largest portal of fu? r medical professionals in Europe ku? ren, the winner of the “Crowd”Cup. The jury made up of genuine social media nerds are including Prof. Harald calibrating plate, Timo Mu? gge, Sven Wiesner and Dr. Lukas Zinnagl represented. It is not something How much does Estee Lauder CEO make would like to discuss. Expand in this year also Petra Albert and Stefanie Dolz the range of expert know-how. Each winner will receive an award of fu? r the best communication in the social Web. “No matter whether in the campaign Fireworks entzu? nd or posted, we will be looking very quiet sounds the most creative rule breakers, the most beautiful Web Seitenspru? nge, the most successful grenzgange”, so CEO Frank Antwerpes. The submission is free of charge.

Deadline for submission is 21 February 2014th DocCheck the social Medwork networks fu? r a better medicine: through simplified access to scientific content and direct professional exchanges in the community DocCheck health service providers helps to deepen their knowledge and improve their daily work. Over 950,000 registered users medworken”already. Thus, DocCheck is the largest Community fu? r medical professionals in Europe. Almost every second doctor or pharmacist in Germany is a member of the DocCheck and uses our diverse means of communication and information on the topic of healthcare. Among the most important Direct marketing include business models by DocCheck via DocCheck news or bMail, research in the field of market research as well as social media based marketing with DocCheck InSite. A growing number of pharmaceutical companies uses the possibility to attract audiences without wastage. Contacts: DocCheck AG Corporate Communications Tanja Mumme bird anger str. 66, 50823 Cologne fon: + 49-221-920 53-139 fax: + 49-221-920 53-133 eMail: DocCheck AG corporate communications Eva Rautenberg Valentina str. 66, 50823 Cologne fon: + 49-221-920 53 148 fax: + 49-221-920-53-133 eMail:


Quit Smoking New Year – Use Help

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New year’s resolutions to stop should be supported professsionell. One of the most common resolutions for new year’s Eve is to finally quit smoking. But most smokers are in the new year soon when the old habit. Only a few people make it to free himself permanently from smoking and addiction alone with willpower, patches, chewing gum, drops, smoke-free \”cigarettes\” or pills. Most need good help. With the double-CD \”free themselves from smoking addiction\” Dipl.

psychologist Dr. Wolf Barth offered a well-founded support all those who seriously smoking want to give up. These other CD to stop relaxed consolidates your decision, let smoke out and breathe, changing your addiction patterns in the brain. CD1: Guidelines for the preparation of smoking cessation. decisive is for a stable long-term smoking cessation informed and mature decision never to smoke. With 30 tips suggestions and instructions be given building, to prepare very thoroughly for the decision to stop. The respective guideline should accompany as possible over a day. You should repeat more often him, like a mantra, perhaps.

You should present to keep this motto as a day job and find answers or arise by itself. These tips encourage targeted a clear sense about the situation in your personal life of smoking and your inner passion, wisely prepared by the dependency to get rid, to find better solutions for the needs of your life instead of the previous replacement means cigarette. CD2: self hypnosis and neuro programming self hypnosis: are the years deep in the subconscious of the smoker’s imprinted with the habit of smoking and independent. Therefore she can be changed also just there again in the subconscious. And this works very well with hypnosis in a relaxed state of consciousness between sleeping and waking. And at the same time the unconscious potentials are activated, to find healthy solutions to a happy life free of addiction. To the CD 2 by Dr.


New Website On The Subject Of NLP In Therapy

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Start of one of the most comprehensive information and training opportunities specifically made its new website nlp-gesundheitswesen.de in the network for therapist Elke Post, occupational therapist and NLP teaching trainer from Hamburg, Germany, recently. Thus, training stands for therapist and NLP interested in one of the most comprehensive information and in the Internet, which deals with the topic of NLP and therapy. It aims the methods and techniques of NLP specifically for people who are professionally involved in the therapeutic environment, to make them accessible. Elke Post, how successfully the therapeutic work put in a communication model can be know by many years of experience in the application of NLP techniques in occupational therapy. Over the years, Elke Post could educate many occupational and physiotherapists, and employees of other therapeutic occupations.

The achievements in the combined application of therapy and NLP are now fully recognised within the industry. Confirm not only the own employees from the Ergopraxis of Elke Post, in three branches in Hamburg are working. To illustrate the benefits and advantages of NLP in everyday therapeutic even better, lots of content in the form of texts, images, videos and audio contributions are available across the Web. In addition to the twenty-two bookable NLP user courses, Elke Post offers also NLP trainings. These include the NLP practitioner, NLP-Master and more levels to the NLP doctrine trainer.

All NLP trainings are conducted according to the standards of the DVNLP. Coaching and supervision, complete the extensive training offer. It is advisable to visit the website of Elke Post under all people education interested in the therapeutic context. Author of the article: Thomas Noll – the Internet Editor


Dates Useful

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If we have a healthy body, fresh fruits are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals (especially C and A), carbohydrates in the form of cellulose, natural sugar and water. They are excellent substitutes for candy, cakes or chocolates which contain almost no nutrients. And help us to prevent many ailments. We intend that the information we provide below will be a stimulus to promote awareness, but we recommend constantly advised by a medical professional. The yellow fruits such as apricots and cantaloupe are a source of carotene, which our body converts to vitamin A. All citrus fruits, strawberries and tomatoes provide us with Vitamin C.

The pineapple is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial and because it contains manganese helps prevent osteoporosis and strengthen bones. They also help dissolve blood clots. Apples and bananas have lots of fiber, which is essential for cleansing our intestines. The Apples also lower cholesterol, help your cardiovascular system and promote our estrogen. If we eat our meals before we are ravenous.

Two or three a day are beneficial. Bananas are a lot of magnesium and are useful when combating diarrhea, ulcer or dyspepsia. They also possess antibiotic qualities. Bananas protect us from the ulcer and its fiber is good for the heart. Both bananas and pears are the fruit highest sugar content we offer. The apricots are useful in preventing pancreatic cancer. They have much beta-carotene content. Figs are very useful when it comes to combat intestinal parasites. Are digestive, anti-ulcer and laxatives. Dates are also laxatives. And plums are a fruit laxative for excellence and a natural aspirin. It also has a very high dose of fiber soluble. Oranges contain carotenoids, and Vitamin C. bioflavanoids All anti-cancer effects. Lower blood cholesterol and fight viruses. The diet. Fruits should be fresh. The more frozen or canned more lose their nutritional value. Ripe fruits are also more nutritious than green values. They should be washed to clean them frompollutants. There are many reasons to eat fruit.


New York

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In Amsterdam, a huge number of coffee shops, where all comers are invited menu with a list of marijuana and hashish: Thai, Afghan, Colombian, Jamaican, and more. etc. But there are limitations: in coffee shops allowed to sell alcohol and hard drugs, as well as to sell in one hand for more than five grams. Today in the Netherlands with a population of 15 million 1200 seats open sale hemp drugs. The novelty of the Netherlands legislation on drugs discovered in the late seventies years, when authorities held the line between drugs "heavy" and "light." The latter carried the substance of cannabis. Critics accuse the Dutch of the increasing number of people, especially young people, smoking marijuana, and point out weaknesses drugs as a step transition to a highly potent. The Dutch has its reasons: marijuana smokers suffer from physiological effects (increased heart rate, increased heart rate, impaired motor functions, reduction in psychomotor activity, etc.), but physical dependence on cannabis are rare, smokers do not find stable abstinence syndrome. United States, unlike the Netherlands, a country where for any narcotics use "policy of zero tolerance." Nevertheless, in New York, there are several clinics for the treatment of opiate dependence methadone.

This drug is banned in Russia, several countries in Asia and Africa. In Moscow and other cities of methadone can be bought "on the black market." For many it is just a new synthetic opiate, promising nearly the same feelings as other substances. American drug experts, most of them, the 60-ies. insist on the benefits of methadone as a weaker drugs that can ward off the plague from a strong addiction to opiate substance. He is weaker than heroin, prevents withdrawal symptoms, while at the same time removes the craving for hard drugs, etc. Nazaraliyev "Deliver and forgive", Chapter 7, p. 158-159 / Disputes to legalize soft drugs are still in both the U.S. and in Russia. But to reach a consensus very difficult. Too many arguments against it. Therefore, difficult to predict, as a society, the government of a State will treat this issue in a couple of decades.



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Psychoanalyst – size travels from New York to Cologne, August 05, 2009. The Cologne therapy days”are held for five years by the Academy for behavioral therapy AVT (www.avt-koeln.org) as the expert forum and training event for psychotherapists. Renowned lecturers and lecturers bring your insights of psychotherapy research and practice an audience here. “Otto F. of core mountain’s workshop ubertragungsfokussierte psychotherapy with neurotic personality structure” informs about a psycho-dynamic treatment that was developed on the basis of object relations theory.

Unlike as in the classical psychoanalytic setting not the pathological interaction pattern of the patients on the basis of his previous experience of the relationship will focus on this. Rather, on the basis of a differentiated diagnosis of psycho-dynamic structure which takes place in the patient-therapist relationship unconscious repetition pathogenic, internalised relationship experiences is made visible. In the workshop, the concrete approach is based on illustrated by case examples. This typical interaction development and dealing with the problems that may be related are illuminated. Core’s work and publications about personality disorders are considered standard works in psychotherapy and have won several awards. He was awarded as the Heinz Hartmann award of the New York Psychoanalytic Institute, the Edward A.

Strecker award of the Pennsylvania Hospital and the George E.-Daniels special prize of the Association for psychoanalytic medicine. The overall programme of the Cologne therapy days”can be downloaded on the Internet:..


A Sulphur Bath Spa In The Own Bathtub

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Exploit the effect of sulphur and combat physical suffering itself time and money, this is what you need if you want to treat yourself and body of wellness. For many in this spa hotel or in corresponding spas go? But now, you can get the short for home in a small bottle. Whenever you want to! Who lives near a spa or a comparable institution, which has all the benefits associated with it. He can take this device claim whenever he wants. Those extra long need to ways to take it, have it much harder, because it time and money simply missing, in order to find the facilities. So many people use their annual leave to take three or four weeks in a spa or a spa hotel. These few weeks are but almost again too little in the year, extensively to recover.

That’s why you now have the opportunity to get this recreational home with the sulphur bath concentrate Sulfivit. This in Hungary manufactured concentrate sulfivit.de is distributed in Germany by the online shop. Who discovered this health bath for themselves, may be in the future, whenever a then is such a bath in the own bath, treat. The effect of sulfur baths is well-known, especially it is pain in the musculoskeletal system and skin problems such as psoriasis an adequate means to relieve the discomfort. By adding water, the sulfides are released components and the minerals and the water is pure thermal water, how to get it in an application to a resort.

Who has Sulfivit at home, which can hit several birds with one stone. On one he can, whenever he wants, take a bath, he pays only a fraction of what it would cost for a trip and he needs to take a vacation. Body and spirit will appreciate it. InfoMarkt-Miklos Somogyi Paul-Jordan str.2 16761 Hennigsdorf phone: (+ 49) (0) 3302-549 211 E-Mail: Internet: