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African Safari

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A hunting and safari package includes food, accommodation and rates of abate. In regards to safaris packages options are available depending on the choice of species to be hunted and your budget. This is a good introduction to African hunting, under the supervision of ethical hunters that guide it. But when planning a safari there to put aside the issue of skills and practice that we should carry out before leaving. Take a previous training out of hunting is extremely useful, why? It doesn’t matter if it is the first time that he goes to hunt or if you have extensive experience, a hunting safari is not a good scenario for making mistakes. They also usually have a high cost, with which should be going extremely prepared. Training programs have a wide variety of very important knowledge which must acquire before going on a safari: 1.

techniques of shot in real conditions: these abilities will improve with practice, whether you compete in any of the numerous tours and hunting circuits with which they have many of our shooting clubs, or to attend courses for this purpose. The program must include shooting in all positions. 2 Practice with the tripod: in actual conditions you can use what you have on hand, from a stone, a tree trunk, etc. but nothing that requires a special shooting practice. Tripod Yes.

Practice is recommended with which will be used in the safari, is essential to learn the correct technique of grasping and familiarize yourself with it. 3 Shot dry. No need to go to the field or to the polygon, at home, with the unloaded rifle, mount the bolt and shoot dry concentrating everytime you do. Review mentally, posture, the movement of the weapon and the pressure that is exerted on the trigger. Practice it daily for a few minutes, is the simple and effective way to achieve a proper muscle memory that will guarantee him an instinctive shooting with a position and correct technique. The most chosen destinations for safaris are: South Africa hunting safaris: is a country located at the southern end of the African continent. It shares borders with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Lesotho and Swaziland are independent States within South African territory. With an area of 1 219 090 Km, it is almost double for Texas. Modern infrastructure throughout its territory, South Africa has the strongest economy of Africa. Mozambique: The true spirit of an African Safari. Located in the southeast of the continent, Mozambique will allow you to live a unique experience, it is reputed to be one of the best extensions for hunting. Also Zimbabwe and Tanzania, among others in these areas is suggested to take a good pair of binoculars, lightweight leather boots 10 40 for antelope and Leopard or 8 x 30 for Buffalo. The respective clothing personal without forgetting a good hat or CAP, Sun protection 30 or greater, sunscreen for lips, insect repellent insect (Zimbabwe and Tanzania), canteen, porta cartridges, waterproof clothing and a sack of Polar for the cool of the morning.


Cancellation Ispo Summer

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Young entrepreneur competition in the sport finds only to the ispo winter instead of the ispo BrandNew Award is the world’s largest young entrepreneur competition in the sports industry and takes place in the framework of the ispo in Munich. Since he was 8 years ago in the life, he has steadily to relevance and weight in the industry and now firmly established itself as the trend barometer for new developments in the sport. For the first time no ispo BrandNew Award will take place in summer 08, here you will find more about the background. ispo summer 08 exposed this year the Messe Munchen GmbH has decided after consultation with purchasing and industry associations to suspend ispo summer 08 until further notice. Messe Munchen GmbH has developed a new concept for its summer events in the field of sporting goods/sportstyle and responds to the profound transformation of the summer sports market. “With the running order show and sports source Europe we already provide in the summer of 2008 concepts that are tailored to the specific needs of these segments,” says Manfred Wutzlhofer. Chairman of the Management Board of Messe Munchen GmbH.

effects for the ispo BrandNew Award which has eliminating the ispo summer 08 also affect the ispo BrandNew Award, which thus again in the context of ispo winter 09 will take place. Young entrepreneurs in the field of sport can compete with their developments, innovations and innovations until October 29, 2008. All previous applications remain valid and will be automatically redirected to the winter competition. The concept is also developed by the organizers and adapted to the new situation. The presence at the exhibition should be further expanded through a new stand concept, be awarded even more products with the coveted title of “ispo BrandNew Award” and the media presence will be increased.

Concrete measures have not yet been published, but already firmly says that there will be again 7 different categories, as well as an overall winner. The number of finalists and further changes are not yet known in detail. All information about the deadline, the Terms and conditions and the registration, see. Terms and conditions and prices at the ispo BrandNew Award can participate all innovative brands or products from the field of sport, which were introduced in 2004 and were never exhibited at ispo. The participation is free of charge and a booth at ispo, integration into all marketing activities and promotion, as well as professional support is made available to the winners of the individual categories. For more information about the winner – and Finalistenpaketen see. Alexander Dewald Pascher + Heinz GmbH