With elapsing of the time the studies interdisciplinares gain character of urgency in the elaboration of solutions for complex real problems that if present and you discipline that them separately cannot decide. Also the estruturalismo, the cognitivismo and the General Theory of the Systems had contributed for the consolidation of the movement to interdisciplinar in the Europe. In the words of Von Bertalanffy one of its starters of the sistmicos studies – this is ‘ ‘ science of integrao’ ‘ , and it must have its consequences in the education: ‘ ‘ The requirements to form scientific generalistas and to display principles basic interdisciplinares are necessarily the ones that the general theory of the systems inhales satisfazer’ ‘ (Idem, P. 78) Interdisciplinaridade, is one of the ambient reality, thus perpassa sciences natural, sociology anthropology, geography, urbanism, the right-hander, the economy, politics and all the branch of the human knowledge. Values, to know and atrelado method to the solution of concrete problems. Second (Towers) alert for the following situation: ‘ ‘ that proposals as of decentralization, autonomy of the schools, flexibility of the pertaining to school programs, work in team, national evaluation of the quality in the pertaining to school institutions, freedom of election in the teaching centers, etc. Interdisciplinaridade or transversalidade is boardings that, depending on the analyzed authors, are confused and whose differences definitively are not established.

Being privileged one or another one, it is certain that for both it is possible to use the perspective goal disciplines, as a tool capable to establish a cosmo-vision from which if it can organize the pertaining to school resume. To think the resume for pedagogical the Ambient Education as proposal is to think as the ticket of old modern cosmology for new cosmology (new system of thought for the moment called after – modern) rees-echo in the practical one of classroom. For this we think that the adoption of the perspective to metadisciplinar can be useful. Second (Doll), ‘ ‘ In the instrucional level the implications of the theory of the chaos deal mainly with the recurso concept (iteration), where the individual exactly comes back its look toward itself; through this auto-referencial experience a sense of self and valor’ emerges; ‘. Plus a process of transformation experience and but a process to dominate a product determined, or one ‘ track to be corrida’. (Doll, 1997, 114). Beyond the look for itself exactly, the recurso provides a look for the past of its walked in the elaboration of the knowledge, thus surpassing fragmented learning and stanches.

Second (Lukesi): We educators, are part of the organizativo power in the educational experience of the pupil in four stages: ) to receive; b) to.nutrir with systematization, step – the step; c) to support during the ancillary proceeding; d) to collate the constructions of the pupil. These ideas comungam the same of principle of ‘ ‘ to negotiate tickets between us and outros’ ‘ A creative paradigm has important implications for the education and the resume.