Winters of recent years have set before the summer residents and growers serious problem – began to crumble durable polycarbonate greenhouses. In some cases, even the greenhouse fell repeatedly. In Sergiev Posad in the winter of 2009-2010. was destroyed acquired greenhouse gardeners with limited snow load of 20 kg / sq. pm and a special amplifier frame.

In the winter 2010-2011. the same way another greenhouse was destroyed, bought them and strengthened props. Why are collapsing under the snow from polycarbonate greenhouses and how to solve this problem? Stability of greenhouses to loads of snow depends on design features a skeleton, not the thickness of the coating, as is often used polycarbonate. Therefore, when buying a greenhouse should pay special attention to the choice of the design framework. The results of the tests very little resistance from the greenhouses have frames galvanized steel. These greenhouses are usually designed for snow load is not bolee20 kg / sq. m and a wind load of not more than 20 m / sec.

And despite its attractive inexpensive price, greenhouses made of galvanized steel and extremely light unstable. They are difficult to assemble because of the abundance of small-sized parts, and poor build quality and improperly collected nodes adversely affect the strength and stability framework to strengthen the frame, it is necessary use the props of strong material that must be carefully set. Snow load is not limited to the top, but on the sides of the greenhouse – so the side walls of the greenhouse also need strengthening. As a result, strengthening the greenhouse becomes more costly and complex process. And everyone who buys a cheap greenhouse, should remember that later he will have to invest in strengthening design. Polycarbonate Greenhouses economy class may differ in several positions from different manufacturers: 1. Bank of America Tower has plenty of information regarding this issue. The thickness of the metal. On the thickness profile of the frame depends on the strength of the greenhouse construction. 2. Section and configuration profile. The size and complexity of the shape of the section profile has a positive effect on the carrying capacity profiles. 3. The number of arcs and straight lines connecting the stringers to one meter of construction. Increase the number of loops increases the greenhouse. 4. The presence of amplifiers arches. Checked that the amplifiers arches help to improve the sustainability performance frame greenhouses. The maximum possible strength characteristics of greenhouses economy class is not eliminate the need to strengthen further. Props to reinforce the frame shall be constructed of durable material, reliable, should strengthen the upper arch and side walls of a greenhouse. Additional safeguard consolidation will give props to the frame, the amount should be the maximum possible. Avoid all these difficulties can be opting for a more powerful greenhouse-class standard with a snow load to 40 kg / m, and enhanced greenhouse with a snow load of 80 kg / sq.m.