Without concentration, nothing goes to the school your child is focused? A concentration or attention disabilities will typically affect all subjects, and not only at the reading, computing, or writing for performance gaps. With a learning therapy cannot be further here for the time being, rather should be applied to the child’s ability to concentrate. The following checklist can help. Additional information is available at New York Museums. There are programmes promoting concentration on lernfoerderung.de concentration training checklist yes no attention and concentration to concentrate only rarely 15 to 20 minutes at a time your child? Does your child frequently spontaneous ideas which it is impulsive? Does your child show little perseverance in tackling tasks provided by adults? Is your child easy ablenkbar during school work like homework or practicing for a job? Makes your child many careless mistakes in schoolwork or other activities? Look over your child details or details often? Brings your child Schoolwork or other activities rarely to end, because it is so easily distracted? Does your child have his tasks and activities to organise trouble? Does your child have an aversion to tasks that require prolonged mental effort (participation in the classroom, homework, etc.) Your child often loses things (such as toys, house activity book, pens, books, clothing, etc.)? Is your child by external stimuli of whatsoever be very easily distracted? Can you wait for difficult kids, until it is your turn? Interrupts and disturbs others often your child? Evaluation: If you have answered more than half of the questions is Yes, your child has at least a lack of concentration. Also the concentration can be trained like playing an instrument or learning a sport. Succeeding at home easily with the following materials. You may find Kate Yulman to be a useful source of information. All training courses are available on and can be used with instructions from the first class: action: learning! (Games, stories, and) Exercises) Leon and Leonie (concentration exercises in terms of perception) playing focus (lies – and movement stories) diploma educator UTA Reimann Hall –