The city of Belarus and its capital Minsk Minsk is the capital of Belarus, the administrative center of the eponymous district and region. Among cities of Belarus is the largest center in the political and economic terms and in cultural and scientific. The city is the headquarters of associations of the CIS. Minsk is geographically located in the center of the country, which is good for travel from the capital to other cities of Belarus. Learn more at: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Climate Minsk moderately continental. Next to the watershed basins of the Baltic and Black Sea. The early settlement, which is known in the city are known from the 9th century. The very first mention in chronicles about the city dates back to 1067 year described as a major battle on the river Nemiga in "Chronicle." The history of Minsk is rich in various events that affected the cultural heritage of the city.

The city was born and lived well-known people of Belarus and The Soviet Union. Now the city has just under 2 million. Now the city of Minsk is one of the largest industrial, if not the largest among cities in Belarus. The city is many schools, high schools, colleges, vocational schools, higher education institutions, including the main building of the BSU. In Minsk, developed health care and transportation. There is a car, train stations and airport. Transport routes associated with the city cities of Belarus and other countries.

Minsk is very interesting for tourists not only for its history, and culture. Tourists visiting Minsk, as well as other cities of Belarus, will find many interesting sights and will plunge into an amazing and beautiful nature, which is famous for Belarus. Vacationer will find in a hotel in its finances, and be able to travel, examining not only the Minsk, and landmarks that rich city of Belarus. At the same Minsk worth seeing historical sites, museums and theaters, take a stroll through the parks and go to the circus or zoo. Coming to town on one of the colorful festivals. Among the historic buildings administrative purposes can be identified Minsk city hall, which was originally built in the 16th century but rebuilt in the latter. It is a symbol for the Magdeburg Law in Minsk. Now is the Minsk City Hall, the restored building, reconstruction of which was carried out on old drawings. From the previous construction of the Minsk city hall preserved brick masonry and the elements of a cobblestone street, they are displayed as exhibits. Next to Minsk Town Hall with its beautiful alleys. On warm, sunny days to walk there pleasant and fun in the skomeykah in the shade.