Adobe if finds in the lamaal, in the way it weeds far from the city, far from the conviviality of the society, the place is well inside of the silt. If you to think a little will see that the adobe has one smells very strong, and are not one you smell perfumed, or that if the potter says, that I smell good, but only has the capacity to see a vase in an adobe mount, in the way it silt. goes the potter, its name there JEHOVAH, left to look an adobe so that if he makes a good vase and in the deep one of the silt he saw without color and without I smell a ugly and badly cheiroso adobe mount, was I and you, then the potter threaded its hand and removed the adobe. He does not matter of that lamaal you lode the important one are that Mr. Jehovah separated to you and looking at for you as the eyes of a potter, you turn something in the deep one its heart attracted that it and it made to it to remove a mud mount of the silt to start to imagine that pretty vase you would give. Glad its heart and jubile of emotion, therefore chose It you. It has not accepted words that the others to intitle try you, you is chosen of God, and this nobody can deny, therefore all vase alone arrives the vase will be adobe. 2 STEP TO KNEAD the ADOBE Well, after to separate the adobe of the mud and to have imagined that pretty vase it would give, then the potter will make that the adobe pass for some indispensable processes, or if it will not be thus the adobe never will arrive to be a good vase and the history of whom bad vase does not break is pure lie of the devil, who it does not break is good vase. .