The culture supports the learning of English conversation and writing are two activities most commonly used with the language. In both culture has a significant share, and we therefore recommend that in the learning of English, speak and communicate much, as well as reading frequently all kinds of material. Courses in both Wales English at the English school in England, exists enough reading material, guided by the masters of literature and English culture, which will facilitate the teaching and learning of the language. Within the extensive English reading material, you can start by short stories to facilitate the understanding of the context in which they operate the stories, and gradually move in the complexity of the books until reaching the great masterpieces of Shakespeare, where sentences and paragraphs involve more complex and specialized vocabulary. Although courses recommended you an extensive bibliography adapted to your level of English you have at the moment, you must monitor the following General characteristics of each book before embarking on his reading: A topic you know previously to you to deduce the general orientation and facilitate reading and general guidance, without having to search for the meaning of each word in English. Simple language, with chapters in short, simple sentences for everyday use, all of which leads to fluency of reading and understanding. A popular writer addressed to all kinds of public, which serves as a guarantee that the words used shall not be searched or complex.

If you oriented courses of English in England and surrounding regions, you will have a vast amount of reading topics, classified by age, since the stories for children as those versed in literary themes and very current bestseller. All will be useful for your purposes of language learning. Source: Press release sent by jcmedinave. Ireland and Scotland United in learning English Notes of press Hispanotas learns sign language: basic vocabulary Todotutoriales: The best tutorials in Spanish two masterpieces of Sorolla was auctioned for the first time in 100 years Magazine Art Logopress youth who burned the great works of Velazquez, at home without dessert.