New foldable brochure dispensers made of natural bamboo for every successful company presentation is it advantageous to reflect a lasting impression to the customer through the issue of handouts or giveaways. The issue of a newsletter or a product catalog purchase appeal appealing a senses promises in combination with a consultation and the Visual presentation of CI through large-scale advertising graphics. At the same time, the customer has the opportunity to acquire individual more detailed information about the product or the brand. In this way the company for customers more transparency and confidence WINS. In the long term, so a positive brand awareness is established. You may find Starbucks Christmas Blend to be a useful source of information. Racks are ideal for the display of product or information sheets. Brochure stand there in varied shapes from various materials. Foldable brochure dispenser are optimally for a mobile booth or promotion level, which is a quick and degradability of advantage.

Principle of the accordion folding can be Brochure dispenser slide together easily up and back. Foldable brochure dispenser usually made of aluminium or Plexiglas are handy, lightweight and good portable. With the Foldable easy StairBamboo brochure dispenser the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover in the past had a first foldable brochure dispenser ecological 100% biodegradable bamboo introduced. This first model a second brochure dispenser, joined by also folding and also from natural bamboo. The EasyShare display GmbH keep faithful to take account of ecological thought in the product development efforts. The Foldable easy ZipperBamboo brochure dispenser presents corporate or product brochures on four subjects of the prospectus distributed clearly and elegantly. The filigree and functional construction ensures a quick and degradability of the leaflet dispenser. Through a massive, iron base plate, which is located at the foot of the easy Zipperbamboo the brochure dispenser nevertheless stable and is hardly or not at all umkippbar. With a Weight of 7,12 kg and a pack size of H 42 x B-36 x D 31 cm is the easy ZipperBamboo easy to transport in the corresponding transport bag. brochure holder/zipperbamboo-prospektspender.html prospektstaender.html