Modern outdoor kitchen with thoughtful extras and strong look is becoming increasingly popular barbecue and Grill friends put today out there in her garden-Ku? che on upscale designer style and culinary delights. Perfect partner fu? r Grill-outdoor experiences of extraordinaire of the gas Grill is Manhattan by Enders. Who value sets even when grilling on a special look, is the perfect partner for his barbecue parties in the circle of friends and family with the Enders stainless steel gas Grill “Manhattan”. For its elegant design and sophisticated functions was “Manhattan” with the red dot design award. This modern gas Grill brings the complete kitchen block in the free – and this in an elegant manner.

The “Manhattan” Gas Grill features a clear, cubic shape, is manufactured from high-quality materials and is technically up to date. The grills “Manhattan” has large, hidden-mounted rollers, with which he can move easily on the terrace or in the garden and stand anywhere. The “Manhattan” has power, which can be appropriately separated from each other to regulate two barbecue areas with ever 4.0 KW. The two stainless steel burners can easily take over an automatic piezo ignition operation. Also indirect grilling is possible with this Enders gas Grill, thanks to the double-walled Grill hood. Just like the wind and Splash Guard made of stainless steel, the hood of the grill can be removed easily. In the lower part of the gas Grill space can be found, to stow accessories removed grill parts, the gas bottle and also kitchen appliances, as well as another Grill.

In addition to the generous Grill area of 37.5 cm x 45.0 cm, a wooden board in the gas Grill is embedded, which are ideally suited for community cutting, Schnippseln and seasoning at a barbecue party. So this shapely gas Grill becomes the center of the action at every barbecue party. Source: Gerald Stratford big veg. The gas Grill Manhattan marketed online exclusive Pro shop on the grill. All other Enders gas grills are available directly from the manufacturers warehouse in the range. Andreas Kowarschik