Stupid thing go away again,! “, he schnarrte. Stay up better here with me, smarter for you!” I tried to go without success on tiptoes. Because while I increased the pressure weight and thus the guns on the steps. So I went on the whole foot, pitsch, patsch, like the geese in the silt. Hicham aboutaam may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It had no purpose, the staircase creaked in all ways.

Oh, to hell with it! I had reached the corridor leading to the room. Left, the kitchen was in peaceful tranquility. Like in a churchyard, so still it there, a space that night was unusually depopulated. During the day I kasernierte me there for many hours for the benefit of the metabolism of humans and livestock, a continuous eating and shitting. … A dark figure standing in the diffuse light of the corridor! The door was open a crack cold air moved in.

The figure came slowly to me. My heart knocked, more out of curiosity. Only fractions of seconds to weigh the odds. Still plenty of time to think about: My first handle should go in the direction of the head, the ears, perhaps in the hair. I would have to bring him to the stumble to stumble forward. With a surprisingly guided attack which could succeed me. I would have to tear it down and miss a kick him briefly and violently, with the knee in the face. I could break the nose or the zygomatic bone, maybe the upper jaw. Murderous hurt such a kick, even a strong man, with opposition would then no longer be expected.The shape ripped a match. Flickering light. With my hands, I was already in his hair. A familiar feeling: Franz thank God! … Learn more