These contain a lot of sugar and have therefore often more calories than a small meal. Who drinks, however, daily 2-3 litres of unsweetened tea or mineral water, hurt not only for its slim line, but also for the general well-being: toxins are flushed out and the body supplied with life not less liquid. Also, a glass of tap water fills the stomach and can prevent small cravings. 3. sport is essential, but also here there are a lot. Also at the sport, it is helpful to keep in mind a few basic rules to burn fat. The pulse should be not too high to keep the sport in the fat burning range.

A high load and thus to high pulse rate, means that less fat and more glucose is burned. However, the calorie increases with increasing load. So anyone who wants to burn fat, should pay attention to a low pulse rate. Should tumble, however, as quickly as possible a few pounds, then the load should be slightly higher. Because you can decrease only when energy consumption is higher than the power supply.

Certainly, a combination of loose endurance and ditch strength training is the most effective way to declare war on both annoying flab and excess pounds. 4. slim in his sleep”why enough sleep so important for burning fat is finally one more tip, you are sure to follow: you sleep sufficiently. “Because in the dream lose weight in your sleep” what is actually there. Growth hormone turned fat into energy that the body needs to maintain the functions of the body during sleep. Therefore, adequate sleep is important not only to feel morning fit, it actually helps to burn fat. Fat off bottom line so sufficiently low-sugar liquid meekly to himself, his (low-fat!) Food properly seasoned, moves much and correct and sufficient sleep can significantly increase its fat burning. Just try and be amazed of the results. Much success! Team slimming plan