The father never exerted no type of collection or requirement in relation to the son. The parents had complained that Joaozinho presents anxiety in definitive situations, as to prevent to buy a remedy in the pharmacy, to enter in a store to buy clothes, to ask for in return money that he loaned to the colleagues of the school, amongst others similar situations. The father comes trying to modify the behavior of Joaozinho in these situations and commented on the fact of the son to say &#039 very; ' baixinho' ' with the people and looking at always for low. The parents had decided to look the treatment with the objective to improve the social anxiety and to promote a relation more summons and open with the father. NYC Marathon understood the implications. The familiar relation allows to the access the sufficiently significant information making possible the therapist to inside have more information on the child, placing its behavior of a context. The conceptualization of the case allows that the therapist can observe the automatic thoughts, estimated underlying, projects and cognitivas distortions. CHANGEABLE CONCEPTUALIZATION COGNITIVA COGNITIVAS the automatic thoughts of Joaozinho include beliefs as: ' ' I need the approval of mine pai' ' , ' ' I have whenever to take off very high notes in provas' ' , ' ' I cannot badly have one performance in the game of futebol' ' , ' ' the people are always repairing in the tone of my voice and me evaluating negativamente' ' , ' ' if I to enter in a store pra to buy clothes, the salesman go to find that I say baixo&#039 very; ' , ' ' necessary always to make everything perfeito' ' , ' ' I cannot fail nunca' ' , ' ' I have whenever to please mine amigos' '. MANNERING ANTECEDENTS AND ITS CONSEQUENCIAS Since small, the family of Joaozinho compared always it very with its father, as much in the relative aspects the personality, how much in the physical appearance.