From the appearance of Internet, the businesses in the network they have been growing without pause. This is because Internet provides ampler routes to scatter to the information on products and the businesses, all at the same time. Therefore, many businesses know surely that the proliferation of the commerce online definitively will impel the potential of growth of all the commerce generally. However, many entrepreneurs insist on which so that it is possible to generate a good entrance in Internet, an own product is due necessarily to count to commercialize. This does not mean that you must create this product. It exists a type of called license Private Label that allow him to acquire content, articles and ebooks that you can commercialize as if you had created same them.

The Private rights Label grant the authorization to him (including in a file next to the material) that allows the client to transform, to reorganize, to change and/or to improve the elements contained in the material of the form that considers necessary to commercialize it later. For example, if you acquire Private rights Label of a certain product, count on the power to transform their content into ebook, an article video, collection, a cc$bbs, audiolibro, etc. The possibilities are infinite. One of the most positive aspects of this type of rights is that you also can do this of inverse way. For example, if it acquires an article collection, it can unite them to create a new electronic book without infringing no right of author absolutely. Therefore, you could unite several articles of different authors, but of the same thematic one to create – using his ability and the common sense an absolutely novel product. With a package of 10 articles you could create a special report or a course via electronic mail. Another advantage is that using his own creativity it can improve the product that receives, with his own commentaries, additional text, images and everything what it is happened to him.