It is not its presence that motivates. The high administration of the companies necessary to understand that the lack of quality in the development of the activities of its company is not tied only due to the knowledge technician, and yes in the difficulty to deal with the people. This is not a new problem, exactly with new forms of technologies and a controlled inflation that had started to improve the situations of job in the companies, them continues having to make face to the challenge to attract its man power and to create conditions them people to be remained playing with effectiveness and satisfaction the activities; beyond using the productive and creative potential individual transforming the behavior of the people and preparing these for the organizacionais changes. As well as the organizacional development, to motivate is not an isolated fact, and yes a process that involves diverse 0 variable. The companies need each time more than creative people, confident and flexible to manage the changes and to develop the abilities that add value for the institution. When the collaborators appreciate the taste of the conquest, feel themselves revigorated together with to continue, to decide problems and to change the organization. Much has affirmed that determined organizacionais aspects they can influence the motivacional behavior of the individuals, modifying the levels of motivacional satisfaction that they try. (BERGAMINI, p 188) Thus we can identify that all the organizacional, and its changes throughout time, either in exchange for personal process, leaderships, vision of management of people, budgetary planning, difficulties in keeping a company closely are related the individual people who in it work and dreams that occupy day-by-day inside of the organization; identifiable through leaders whom each time more they need to not only understand the organizacionais changes but also the changes of necessities of the people and the dreams of development of career of each one of them.