Start will likely need to create a budget for the construction of baths and bath layouts. While the estimates need to be addressed to a few fundamental questions. And the first question, which 'stands on the agenda, where are we going to establish the structure of our bathhouse. Foundation for a bath If the soil is dry, uniform and dense, then the foundation for a bath can be used flat stones that are placed lower rims or bars bath. which should first be treated Hot antiseptic and coat with bitumen. stones are placed at the corners of Bath, in the joints of interior walls and exterior, between the stones – in 1 meter. The empty space between the stones filled in with clay. You can put stones and a solid band, and on top – a layer of waterproofing.

This simplified version of the foundation found, though, are rare. Usually build 'real' foundation, which may be a tape, columnar, pile (including from screw piles). Pier foundation is made of stone, brick or concrete, sometimes using a combination of these materials. You can use ready-made concrete pillars or asbestos cement pipes, which are filled with concrete. And used wooden poles, but they are very short-lived, longer than all of them are oak – up to 12 years, the rest – are much smaller. Spread between the pillars of brick wall (in a half-brick or brick in one). Make and bulk wall of gravel, broken brick, slate, Adobe, etc. Pile foundations or screw means the installation of concrete or steel piles.