And that we not “” “” that condemn should, that we not always straight forward and without stop joyful then going on marching, but also allow us, detours, so-called deceptions”, dead ends” or even sneak paths “to commit. That we so remind us in the progress also always that we are finally free to go each way and allow us, in our speed and also in our special way to do this. I have nothing and can do everything”really looks like a silver bullet. “It raises the involvement, the I with the external must” have a rule, a law related to me and brings me back to me, to what I really want. There is no question that the efficiency is directly related with the how much I identify emotional level with universal law, to be absolutely free, of course. “The statement I have nothing and can do everything” has the greatest effect, then If I can really feel, when do I really know for me that this absolutely, so without limitation for me true. Hicham aboutaam addresses the importance of the matter here. An understanding on the purely intellectual level should be here pretty little useful, since in this case don’t have confidence in myself and in my truth, which I need to run the action. And I just, if I can nevertheless be get Stilling from the outside still meet internal satisfaction, I rather, not even with relative certainty once hostile mood encounter and also turn for the first boost my not confidence in me or at least confirm.

I handle without internal knowledge, to be free, so I will deal with the external resistors with resignation and me immediately back into the socially predetermined behavior template back find. Additional information is available at Hudson River. It is very evident that only our inner, lower-level made self experience causes a really consistent change. It is our true Meeting with our inner world, our great knowledge, which presents us with self assurance and allowing us a walking of our way with trust and confidence. A real transformation takes place always from the inside out. In other words, she emanates from ourselves, comes from our higher self, from our true self emerges and is also continuously accompanied by that and. It is so in this case important, probably indispensable that we meet our vital knowledge, that we really have nothing in us and may everything”, that we are in fact absolutely free.