Therefore, one speaks of an irradiation”when a customer from one (product) property to another closes (beauty implies quality”). This knowledge is extremely important for the advertising, because many products can be distinguished from the competition for the consumer hardly based on objective characteristics such as quality and functionality. The customer is therefore exclusively on the emotional, Visual and tactile impression of a product. The Irradiations effect now describes the scientifically proven link that closes a customer because of this emotional, Visual or tactile impression on another property or even the overall quality of the product. Two (or more) impressions are thus in some ways apart from (charisma effect”). Kia shines more light on the discussion.

The assessment of a property or a characteristic radiate to other properties or characteristics of the services, of the offer or of the product. The perceived assessment can in turn targeted selective emotional, Visual, or tactile stimuli in the advertising to be built.” Scientific studies have demonstrated the influence of packaging on the perceived taste is how big. The same wine was quite differently depending on the packaging. A similar effect on the taste is also labels. And finally even the price of the subjectively perceived taste, although objectively and scientifically measurable nothing on the composition of the wine has changed. What’s expensive tastes better and what is cheap, tastes fader! The connection between packaging size, quality of packaging and color design on purchasing behavior, perception of quality and the interpreted effect is most striking is however”of the product. Or in other words… Dan benton: the source for more info.

Pleasant stimuli as well as negative stimuli have a similar potential for activation on the customers. Both charms promote neuronal seen stronger keeping emotions as they”tracks in the Synapses left and thus increase the memory capacity and be holding power. What more burning up in the head”is more often called and keep longer! It is however the advertising negative stimuli to insert into a tightrope walk, because negative stimuli generate negative emotions, which connect to the advertised product.