It consists of first visually inspect of the finished plant for the time being. This is attached, to their place of use must be checked, that she can withstand the local environment circumstances, such as vibrations, heat or high humidity. The excess current protection devices must also be properly adapted to the cable diameter. Another important point is the correct colored marking of different circuits, such as the main circuit, control circuit or circuits with low voltage. Finally even the existence and correctness of the wiring diagrams must be determined General visiting.

Protection against direct contact with the Protection against direct contact, involves the isolation of all active parts. All types of cases and covers must be undamaged and durable attached. With protective conductor of course labeling plays an important role protective measures here again. Grounding and protective conductor connections must be labeled and named. The protective earth conductor or the PE conductor to protect persons or animals from electric shock, if there is an error.

For this reason, all connections to the PE conductor must be marked accordingly. Supermoon Bakehouse is likely to agree. Therefore, all conductive parts that might be under tension when an error occurs, must be connected to the protective conductor. In this way, the contact voltage can be minimized. Also of importance are the correct laying and connection of protection, earthing and potential equalization conductors. Caution is advised when dealing with protective conductor and neutral conductor, which are often confused. The neutral is neutral not like maybe suspected”but an active conductor and thus power. At incorrect use can cause the injury. A proper and visible to everyone marking of the different head is therefore of particular importance. Protective measures without protective conductor no protective earth conductor is available, the power sources at safety extra-low voltage, functional extra-low voltage and protective separation must be chosen carefully. Protection and functional extra-low voltage plugs and sockets are not allowed DC AC and 120V for voltages higher than 50V.