Finally, the work can start. It is at the end of the year 2007 in Berlin for the opening of the House of the volunteer”come. This project, supported by IKK and the city of Berlin, brings together a variety of offerings for chronically ill people and fellow citizens in need under one roof. The preparation and realisation has called much faith and commitment by all stakeholders. So here again our expressed thanks to the many volunteers and the companies free of charge have submitted their work available. The House of the volunteer”offers a coordination unit for the care of people with cancer, a senior meeting place for maintaining social contacts, and a closet for fellow human beings in need. As an information and communication centre as a focal point for the chronically ill and the central area for volunteers. In addition, we offer a comprehensive program through one of our partners in the rooms of this House.

This includes a theatre group for young and old, Groups to the creative design, a magic Academy for children of socially weak people, and more. For an object in the Borough of Treptow-Kopenick, offered all this on an area of about 1000 square metres in which appeared possible. Now, put the finishing touches to this project, the Club required a powerful partners from industry, order to give the project its name with its usage. Help, so that this facility can finally take up so much-needed work. Guido R. Mackenzie Board fundraising/staff