It all depends on the type of start is with the fact that too many signs of the "right" of watermelon are not universal and depends on the variety. So to start is to talk about the most popular ones. For example, the most common varieties – "Astrakhan striped" and "Melitopol '- the ripe, the more pronounced difference between dark and light bands near the tail. They reach their full maturity in August. "Volga" watermelon – spherical, smooth, light green, without strips. It is ripe when its skin is very pale, almost white.

This occurs usually until early September. Uzbek sort of "Chait-kara" which appears on the market after all, deserves attention when it skin, in contrast, dark, almost black-green. A good watermelon should be a lot size – this is the first sign of watermelon, which is worth attention. Really good is almost always quite large watermelon. So, asking you to choose a watermelon seller smaller, but ripe, you obviously want the impossible. Of course, the specific weight of the watermelon is largely dependent on the variety, but a universal rule is: choose those that somewhat larger than average in that particular party. However, beware of too gigantic animals on the background of the smaller brethren.

It is possible that they "drank" the excess fertilizer. With regard to the weight of the regular watermelon, for the most popular in Moscow, Astrakhan varieties must be not less than 5 pounds and measuring just more than a football. There is another theory regarding the weight.