A network operator will want to know transported the content service provider that provides access to end customers for others.” However, such a platform must provide added value, so as it was the case on Google. At the same time she must maintain neutrality and interests of users. Dippelhofer made a further trend in the mobile business: local rather than global. Due to the possibility of differentiation on localized services on geographical proximity, there will be the possibility to create new added value. For customers interested in getting the most for what happens in their direct environment.” Overall, the experts in the field of consumer expect stark at the more inspiration than from the business segment, because often individual solutions are required, immediate problem-solving of customer-oriented”, stressed Steimel. An important role for the customer loyalty is the virtual mobile operators (mobile virtual network operator/MVNO) according to the experts, in particular to support marketing and sales activities. Who is sent here, can achieve obvious advantages in a growing market.

Finally, an MVNO is nothing more than a platform, so Khorshed, not technical, but a commercial platform for specific customer segments. Company superior to, what they offer their customers, how they can build a community”, so the acoreus Board of Directors. “Also: we will see product-differentiating MVNO’s that much more to the topic of data communication in the foreground as the price war with voice and SMS”, added Dippelhofer. Last year, a series of low-cost carriers had dared enter the MVNO market which may result in more of the premium segment, according to expert opinion. Media companies, TV stations or soccer clubs could successfully serve their customers with targeted topics and services. Acoreus about has realized only a few weeks ago an offer for Bundesliga of 1 FC Nuremberg. Your mobile phone is Cluberer under the motto”Club members in their own mobile network can make unlimited free calls. In addition, there are exclusive club information via SMS.