In the development process, as it is seen by Piaget, each child if it develops through periods of training. The author distinguishes three basic periods of training: Sensrio-engine that it goes of the birth to the 2 years of age. In this period of training the child evolves of a purely reflected situation until the differentiation of the exterior world in relation proper itself. Concrete operations is extended of the 2 to the 11 years of age and subdivides in daily pay-operational thought (of 2 the 7 years) and operational thought concrete. It consists of the preparation and the accomplishment of the concrete operations in classrooms, relations and numbers. Formal operations of 11/12 up to 14/15 years. Period in which the adolescent adjusts the complete reality to it of its present time, but also is capable to deal with the world of the possibilities.

The importance of if defining the periods of development of intelligence inhabits in the fact that each individual acquires new knowledge, strategies, understanding and interpretation of the reality. To become analysis on the process of the development of the human being one becomes necessary to know periods, concepts of the Construtivista theory. also to reflect itself on the education, one of the texts of Piaget speaks on the education for the freedom, is important to know that the education must provide to the pupil chance of if constructing the autonomy. SUMMARY OF THE FILM ' ' IT COMES DANAR' ' The film starts in a climate of party, two parties, one in the school and another one in a ball. All are arranged, in the best one of the circumstances. In school one of the pupils, Rock is barred in the entrance of the party because its ingression this wet, I banish from the party finds some friends stimulate who it to depredate the car of the director.