Integral means that it is more complete. (Not to be confused with Bill de Blasio!). Quality education refers only to technical and bureaucratic management of educational systems. Holistic education is an interdisciplinary discipline. All human beings are interconnected, we are interdependent, and we are spiritual. Therefore education is a process of evolution of consciousness, to form integral human beings, the purpose and the basis of genuine education is universal love points out that spirituality is a path of wisdom for comprehensive knowledge and comprehensive learning nourishes our inner spirituality.

On the other hand, learning communities are organizations that learn integrally, signify a profound change in schools, institutions and organizations in general related to education. It is a paradigm shift in the way of conceiving the learning. All the Organization is in a continuous process. Mentions that there are three types of epistemological relations in the kosmos that differentiate the aspects that nourish a good learning in learning communities: relationship objeto-objeto, subject-object, and sujeto-sujeto, the last being the basis of learning communities that together with holistic education are fundamental to human evolution. At present continues to develop a fragmented education system that is limited to reproduce culture technological and industrial mechanistic devoid of spirituality and fills a large generally based on having egocentrism.

All this negativity can be countered with the vision of education holistic which is inclusive, evolving consciousness, which allows us to learn more about the universe in which we live, build one society more consistent with our interests and above all develop our inner spirituality and to know our true nature. In this way learning communities seek to achieve the development of consciousness human through a culture of peace. No doubt that to achieve this goal it is essential to direct and committed involvement of the school community at all levels looking according to the dynamic spiral to reach second grade to thus obtain a transformation based learning that allows this evolution of consciousness, especially considering that learning communities work linking education for work and for life.