The risk for a fatal accident is five times higher compared to the dry road slush. The direction bound Nokian WR D3 protects against slush aquaplaning with a mud Sling (slush blower), our latest innovation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as NY Starbucks by clicking through. The mud Sling hurls out mud and water in the truest sense of the word from the grooves of the tire. That’s why the dreaded slush hydroplaning occurs at a higher speed. Polished grooves remove slush and water also faster”reports expert Pirhonen. With snow flake a winter tread depth indicator with snowflake in the Nokian WR winter tread depth indicator gives more security specifies winter tire tread depth as a number from 8 to 4 in millimeters.

The Snowflake is visible up to 4 millimeters. When she disappears, it increases the risk, and you should renew its winter tires. No other tire manufacturer has these innovations. There are many 13 the Nokian WR 20 inch dimensions for the speed classes T to W (190 270 km/h) in the tyre trade. This winter the sizes are 16 H and 225/50 R at the D3 215/55 R 17 H and the A3 size 285/30 R 20 W. This winter tyre designed for the German weather and the high speeds on the German autobahns. Nokian tires for the tire change cheap as winter complete wheels on wheels are available at the on-site tire service.

Kraftigster snow, ice and wet grip thanks to low temperatures canola oil mix (cryogenic canola compound) the low temperature canola oil tread compound (cryogenic canola compound) which is Nokian WR winter tires is never a unprecedented combination of rapeseed oil, natural rubber and silica, which optimised the grip of winter, the wet grip and wear resistance in changing, especially with low temperatures. Cryo silane improves the functionality of the new Vollsilicamischung. Rapeseed oil optimizes the tensile strength and the ice and snow grip of the tyre.