In the digital age means only the first A.I.D.A.-an enormous challenge, step for companies under assistance of event agencies because advertising messages reach the potential users in the digital age, not only in growing numbers, but also by more and more channels. Thats also the reason, if event agencies do their utmost to take account of this diversity with equally diverse types of events for current and potential customers. So consumer events can be implemented, for example, as a trade show event roadshow promotion sports event premieres event, to mention just a few relevant variants for consumer events. Core task will always be there for an event agency that is excellently positioned in the advertising market to provide present and future customers with an equally consumer-oriented than emotionally positive and effective surprise, therefore sustainable customer event. I’m sure that the push of the product messages and the red thread of the corporate identity of the advertising company in conception and realization of consumer events in the foreground stand. Accompanying measures such as tools from Public will employ targeted an agency specializing in consumer events of case relation and classical advertising to case to maximize effectiveness of consumer events. Consumer events serve achieve or increase brand awareness, therefore a priority to another building or strengthening of brand image – both vital success factors for the targeted brand success.

And efficiently to enhance the strategically necessary targets brand awareness and brand image, successful consumer event agencies in creating unusual and fascinating worlds of brand to the fullest. Consumer events that create real competitive advantages the contracting company, let rise with diverse design elements brand worlds, generating confidence in the brand and attachment to the brand. These are now important prerequisites for producing brand loyalty satisfaction with the brand. And only if all the senses of the new and reseller be addressed emotionally effective, them as identification with the brand is facilitated, that can efficiently contribute consumer event as indispensable tool in the context of branding to increase value added and thus successfully go through the finish line. So the buyer says: “This is my badge!”