God’s chosen people determines our crops sustainably. The smallest Western religion is considered for historical reasons, especially in Germany with particular caution. A brief description of the main rules of Judaism will show that historically the following Christianity and Islam here derive his daily religious practice. In Europe, we speak of a Judeo Christian Western culture. Islam has contributed much later, some practical achievements but hardly sound philosophies.

Key the life practice is, as the Chinese say, are the actions. More information is housed here: McPlant. (a) fixed, customs, rules of life – religion in the life practice of the Jews: the first and most important holiday in the Jewish calendar is the Sabbath, the seventh day of the week. He reminds of the creation, God rested after their completion, as it says in the Bible. 613 Obligations are mentioned in the Torah. Called the sum of all religious commandments and prohibitions in the Jewish Halakha. In addition to the adherence to the ten commandments among others also includes Dietary laws and purity requirements. The Rabbi is responsible for the religious life of the community.

But rabbis perform any priestly functions and are also no priest. In Orthodox Judaism, all functions are fulfilled by men at the community prayer in the synagogue. The woman is the promoting of domestic piety. In reform Judaism, as well as with the Conservatives there Rabbinerinnen and Kantorinnen worldwide. b) 50dB(a) “you eternal, our God, King of the world were praised,…” The day is marked in Judaism by three prayer times: afternoon prayer, morning prayer, evening prayer – at home or in the synagogue. Almost at every opportunity, religious Jews have blessings and praises on the lips. There, etc. special praise sayings for each kind of food, when seeing a rainbow, while listening to a message. At least a hundred such blessings to be said every day. You are also the basic structure of daily prayer, which requires the tradition in the morning, afternoon and evening.