Many hunting areas have shown a notable increase in the populations of rabbits, with an extraordinary repopulation ability in specific areas, case of southern Cordoba, where damage to agriculture are very important, and this year has accused heavily in vineyards. 1. How many? That field says here is worth a tip which I think is quite practical: do not go out with the fixed idea of achieving a minimum of as many or few rabbits, it makes we risk shots when they not jump as we wish, wounding rabbits which is then difficult to collect. Never let rabbits that we can throw away and in good condition, don’t want to do tricks with shots, or stop to entire eye out shooting rabbits. Here do not go out to collecting rabbits, but tilting the field, good, we provide in each day. 2 Hunt slowly always attentive Gran error walking, walking through the field, thinking that the rabbit will exit always depressed, in the better oriented mata, and before a clear comfortable for the trip. O we hunt, or walk, but these two options do not always get along well when what we want is some rabbits to perch.

We already know that by chance, a rabbit starts where less you expect it, and that even that day that you are hunting distracted, nodding in another site, you hang half a dozen as he does not want the thing, but the intention and be centered is essential to be able to take advantage of the summer season of the rabbit. It is important to hunt at a slow pace, not as we usually do many times, it seems that we have a side of Partridge front on a hillside in November. Hunting rabbits it must now hurry when the area is intricate, with scarce vegetation faces, and we depend on the asomadas we already know, then no wasting time and raise the pace.