Tips and facts about a successful hairdresser salon, predictable success 6 P formula. The master craftsman puts in the Pocket and the dream of the successful hair salon owner is within your grasp. To make the step into their own independence not to the cold shower, a specialized partner with years of experience can be a valuable companion i of start-up. Experienced hairdresser designers like interpartner recommend 6-P formula for the entry or the new beginning! P like program: the idea of a separate program in mind, is the algae in the output for the own hair salon. Here it is, on the legs to make a product and Diensleistungsangebot, that stands out from the competition. Alternatively, offer franchising models the possibility to draw on successful Know-How.

P as space: the choice of the appropriate course is one of the obvious stumbling blocks on the way to the own hair salon. The site requires a detailed analysis with regard to the location, suitability of object, as well as infrastructure. The programme offered is with the location of the planned hair salons hand in hand, because factors such as customers and purchasing power in the eye must be kept. P like prizes: the appropriate shop is found, it means to sharpen the pencil and kalkuieren prices. In addition to the Salon furniture consisting of hairdresser instruction courses, hairdressing wash units, a sales and reception area, which may be supplemented with a consultation corner and a laboratory area, also the internal infrastructure facilities are to berucksichtungen.

Include floor, ceiling and light as electricity, Wasserm heating and sanitary facilities. The numerous possibilities for the financing of facilities and the public funding of Existenzgundern are largely unknown and therefore often used nciht. P like presentation: the off hand sign of a salon is the presentation. A stylish Salon furniture gives the customer the familiarity to a recurring visit. But also the business card of the hairdressing establishment, the showcase, invites potential customers to take a look at the hair salon with an open design a. P like staff: to the freshly baked hair salon owners does not stand alone against the customer, needed also to qualified staff who joins in the hair salon concept as well as the expectations of the targeted clientele. The necessary staff aimed among other things according to the size of the planned hair salons, and to cover the costs to deliver a profit. P like promotion: approaching the day of opening, staff and hair salon shine in new splendour and nobody overhears it. It is not such a situation, a sophisticated promotion requires the hair salon-opening. An individual marketing strategy for marketing management is opening just as important as a successful application to the hair salon. Long-term, targeted actions can bind to the hair salon customers. Is just easy to overlook that the way towards independence with a variety of obstacles is riddled. Object design, marketing and financing are aspects that want to be thoroughly explored and implemented. Each Entrepreneur is therefore well advised to the experience of partners to build, that know the industry-standard requirements. The long year interpartner struggle experience of established hairdressing einrichters success can be planned and the dream of the own hair salon can be true soon.