An article about the traditions associated with the birth of a child. Congratulations, you’re pregnancy! Pregnancy brings some uncertainties. There is concern about the health and well-being of babies. I do everything right? My baby’s got it needs something? Worldwide, there are many traditions for the health of the baby and the birth itself. Learn more at this site: dayton . Here are some traditions: Jewish tradition: eight days after the birth of the newborn we the boy circumcised and takes its name. Girls get their name by a blessing in the synagogue. Islamic tradition In Islam, boys are circumcised. There is no set age and the rituals vary depending on the country.

African Maasai (Kenya) the Maasai in Kenya give the child only after a year the name, because they believe that correspond to the name of the character should be. Many Western women carry a pregnancy chain, an extra long, that right depends on the abdomen during pregnancy. Often, this chain has a healing effect, if you believe in it. One more relaxing Birthstone or a ball with a soothing sounds are very popular. Today, it is very fashionable to have a mother necklace for newborns.

Many stars in Hollywood have a chain for their firstborn. On October 25, 2010 Klum wore the initials of her four children around the neck Heidi on the Oprah Winfrey Show. A beautiful, Golden 14 k necklace with four shiny round discs with each a letter, also 14 carat gold. Katie Holmes wears a S as a trailer, the first letter of their daughter with Tom Cruise, Suri. Nicole Richie and Christina Aguilera have both a chain with the initials of their newborn babies. Mary Carey received a beautiful name necklace of diamonds with the two name of their newborn twins by her husband Nick Cannon! A necklace of true love! Even celebrities such as Christina Milian, Courtney Marra, Tori spelling, Allison Sweeney, Katherine Heigl and Nicole Sullivan, Kimberly Williams-Paisley built into their already necklace due to their babies. In addition to the well known chain is named, the chain letter is now very popular. But not only the name necklaces are famous. The bracelets with engraving or letter, for women without children are always fashionable. Greta flowers