The fourth trends & talk event, 20 shopping friends met in Hamburg’s Poseldorf district on November 20, 2009 in PIUS wine economy. ‘S Poseldorf stands for the most varied mix Hamburg: everyone finds his personal favorite cookies and the appropriate address ostentatious villas and former coach houses, small streets and romantic courtyards, renowned galleries and well-known shops, trendy Cafes and scene restaurants here, and the Aussenalster Lake is also just five minutes away. The second hamburger by PIUS’ wine industry located in the fine Poseldorfer milky way. Conjure an atmospheric heat instant feel-good deep red walls and rustic, dark wood furniture, and it is not about that night come many regulars and new faces on a good wine and good company. As with a previous nationwide trends & lifestyle-community B2B friends talk events was PIUS’ wine in the evening of 20 November Ideal for the exceptional shopping experience.

The great success and the informal sharing of previous trends & talk events was around already spoken among the members and thus the 20 available participant places in an instant were sold out. 19:00, the Friendsshopping team with a Prosecco greeted the guests of which the ladies at the ratio of 16:4 were clearly outnumbered. “Then, a colorful cross-section from the current offer of products and articles of the fast-growing referral and shopping portal was live” and real “presents. Calmly and in lively conversations, the guests experienced extraordinary moments of shopping, where they jointly examined the latest trends and chic fashion and work on left. That was experienced and tangible shopping in its purest form. Due to the location of B2B friends wine club was introduced. Wine lovers and wine connoisseurs, gather here and how everywhere friends take advantage of special benefits and many unique benefits. Several friends premium members were so impressed by the wine club benefits offer that she decided to supplement her membership to the wine club.

The 28 Publishing House Clerk Saskia Ohmsen works in a large Publisher in the milky way. It is of course super that I directly open the front door to PIUS’ virtually from the desktop. A business friend from Westerland on Sylt, who I met in the B2B friends lifestyle Club, had been on the trends & talk event in Keitum and then told me that I should allow the Poseldorf event not to be missed me. “It has proven right: it was a great experience dinner with great people and I’ve discovered a lot that I will order me tomorrow at Friendsshopping.” The new series of events of the B2B friends lifestyle Club, which immediately became the full success ends with the trends & talk event for this year. In 2010, nationwide more trends & talk carried event. Promised! With each other and for each other so are Friends! Friends GmbH